The fall season is upon us and I am wondering what everyone is up to?

I am working on stock for my first real show of the season on Oct. 7, Shadows on the Teche.  I spent some time this morning painting a bench.  I got the first coat on the top and long sides.  Tomorrow I'll do some more painting.  I didn't paint more because after doing some errands, I needed to work outside on some sanding other pieces while there was daylight.

I got to use dh's hand sander.  It was my first time using it and I could get into sanding!  I worked on 2 small children's benches.  They were in rough shape and the old paint was peeling.  In the process I discovered a nail was nailed at an awkward angle so dh took it out and renailed it.  Only to have to do it again. He could not straighten the nail so he had to dig up another one.  In the process he decided to use the nail gun.  All went well with the nail gun.  I plan on painting these 2 benches tomorrow since we rain out of daylight and we were getting hungry.

Tomorrow I'll work again on the bench I started painting.  I want to finishing painting the first coat and probably a second one.  It will also get some sort of stenciling, then an aging wax and or glaze.  While it's in process (the down time where I wait on paint to dry) I'll work on painting the 2 children's benches.  When painting, as some of you know, it's feast or famine .. paint, wait to dry, paint, wait to dry, next step (wax or glaze), wait to dry, next step (buff the wax, or wax if glaze was done).... and so on.

If I get those done early enough I'll move on to one of 2 tables I picked up earlier this week.  Dh and spent 3 days and 2 nights in Gulfport and I picked up some goodies while there.  I can't wait to work on some of those pieces.  I got 2 wooden chairs (reminiscent of ladder back chairs), a retro table that is 2 tiered, and a table with a drawer that can be used as a side table or night stand,

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  • Day 2 of The plaza Art Fair in Kansas City, Mo. Today it was hotter here then in my hometown in South Alabama. Heat and humidity have followed me all over this year. UGH.... Great show and I love this town. 

    • The heat is all around. We are in Nashville and it has been a hot and muggy 3 days here. Good sales make the show more comfortable (not to mention those excellent Robinson fans)
      How is the crowd and how are sales in Kansas City???
      • I don't know if it is my typing on the iPad or this auto-correction stuff but i tried to type Ryobi fan. The one from Home Depot.
        • We knew what you meant. ☺ Plaza was good despite the heat there didn't seem to be as many people this year but I still had a good show. Can't wait till next year. Where are you off to next?  

          • We have a week off the it is 6 shows in a row. Not sure about the exact order but Kentuck, bluff park, River Arts, Three Rivers, Pensacola and
            • Greg. You mention Kentuck,  I assume you are doing St James in KY. What section are you in?

              I'll be in Belgravia Court.

              • Larry...We are doing the Kentuck Festival in Alabama.

            • Greg, what show are you doing in Pensacola?

              • hey is the Great Gulf Coast Art Festival...the 1st weekend in November. We are also doing the Festival Acadiens in Lafayette October 13 & 14th

            • I will see you at 4 of those. Busy month

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