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I will be at Shadows on the Teche in New Iberia, LA.  It is a one day event at a plantation home in New Iberia.  Plantation shows have been good to us.  Everything at this show is handcrafted.  Last fall was a good show for us.

It is about 1.5 hours from home so we will make it a one day event for us.  No hotel bill means more in our pocket.  Will bring food from home for lunch to save us $$ from having to eat all show food.


It will be a long day for us because besides the travel to and from it is also time change weekend.  Then Sunday after church I will be cooking for about a dozen guys to come to my house on Monday.  Dh and these guys are planning a men's conference at our church and they are meeting at our house.  The meeting was supposed to be at another guy's house but it fell through for some reason.  We had volunteered to host and cook again when needed.  Unfortunate it's coming off a show on time change weekend.  I enjoy all the cooking and hosting but I am seeing a LONG weekend in my future!  LOL

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Thanks for the heads up on the time change ... would never have noticed.

Love to know more about this show. What are you cooking?

The only show that is on my radar for this weekend is the fabulous La Quinta Arts Festival outside of Palm Springs in California. Would I ever love to be there -- but no, probably shoveling snow, although it may start melting. Right now it has been so cold with a little drizzle then a deep freeze so there is a sheen across all the snow drifts. Quite lovely, but thinking Greg Little would rather not be here.

The show is a small show, compared to many others.  I believe they have 100 booths, max?  We are situated around the house in various gardens and open spaces.  We were in a quaint garden behind the house.  It had brick and pebble/gravel walkways, a coy pond and of course the local plantings.  They get us as close as possible to our booth location for load in/out.  However you still have to haul it in on hand trucks, wagons, etc.  Bathrooms are clean, food is not bad.  Found some food last fall that we had never had before and it was to die for!  Booth fee is only $60.  The plantation is on Main St. and it has been going on for decades.  There is a fall show and I'll try to remember to post info when apps open up.

I will probably be cooking some white beans, served over rice, and feature some sausage in the white beans.  We'll have French bread and salad, both store bought.  I'm not sure what is for dessert.  The last time they came I fixed red beans (2 lbs. of dry, cooked in a big pot!) and all that was left was about a cup of beans!  About 12 or so guys were here and they all went back for seconds.  I will cook the beans on Sunday because they always taste better the 2nd day.  Rice gets cooked on Monday.

As a side note ...

South Louisiana is not too bad for weather in the "fall & spring", and that is why many shows are scheduled then.  June 1-November 30 is hurricane season but most serious activity does not get cranked up till July maybe and is over by the middle to end of September.  August and September are the two busiest months for hurricanes.  With the cooler temps, the water temps start to cool down so it makes having shows less risky.  That is probably more than you wanted to know but it beats talking about snow, ice and blizzards, right?  LOL

Carol and I are doing the "Home is Where the Art Is" show in North Mississippi just outsside the Tennessee border. We can see the Welcome to Tennessee state border sign from out hotel. We set up earlier today and met ArtFairInsider member Carrie Jacobson. She is set up right next to us.
There was to be a Patron Preview party tonight but it was cancelled because of the bad snow and frozen icy weather.
Most businesses and schools were closed today...
The weather prediction for the next three days is clear but cold. It felt like it was someone around -200 below zero this morning (well, maybe not that cold) but was bone chillin cold.
We are waiting to see how turnout does for the next three days.

I just knew the food would be awesome. The fair situation sounds lovely.

Greg, is this an outdoor show? 

Connie...this is an Indoor show

Oh good -- sounds like a not great weekend to be outdoors. Carrie really puts on the miles and pops up in all kinds of places for someone who lives in Virginia. Your work is quite different from each others. It will be interesting to see how your sales are. Have you done it before?

First time doing this show. Onlyy a 5+ hour drive so I figured we would give it a try

Nothing at the moment. Still snowed in...

It's melting today, Scott -- almost above 32.

Skim coating our bedroom ceiling and doing dry wall work around three windows. 

Antique saddle restoration, new saddle work and belts for art shows in the studio.

We went to Shadows on the Teche yesterday for an all handmade craft show.  We were one of 100 booths there. 

We got up at 4:10 AM to prepare ourselves to leave and pack lunch.  We headed out at 5:30 for a 7:00 AM arrival.  Set up was from 7:00-9:00 AM with the show from 9:00 AM-4:00 PM.

The weather started out chilly/cold but warmed up to the 60's.  Perfectly clear skies and just a little breeze.

We actually had a closer parking space this time than last fall.  We had off street parking in the fall which seemed great.  However we had to cart stuff further.  This time it was about half the distance, or so it seemed.Both of our previous neighbors did not return.  We were glad one did not return as she appeared intoxicated or something similar from the get go and just exhibited very strange behavior at times.  Her spot was filled by 2 ladies who make jewelry.  Their displays, while non-traditional for jewelry, were quite attractive.  It was their first show ever though they have made jewelry a while.  The other spot was a no show.So, all seems well, right?  Well no, not exactly.  There were plenty of lookers and browsers, lots of compliments on our stock.  One customer returned to let all went well with her previous purchase, which was a gift for someone.  The recipient loved it.  We heard plenty of "great for Christmas, wedding, presents, etc" but little actual buying was going on.We watch people even if they do not enter our booth to get an idea of whether a lot of purchasing is going on.  We look at whether a lot of people are carrying packages, boxes, bags, or merchandise (too big for bags or boxes).  Not a lot of merchandise was walking around.  Our friend, who sells a totally different kind of product, had a booth in another area across the way.  She said the same.  She sells pepper jellies, pickles and certain sauces, all made in their commercial kitchen.  Very good products and they provide samples, still not much in sales.  She said she did about 1/4 to 1/3 yesterday of what she did in the fall.  We are in a similar situation.We are not sure what happened.  However I have heard/read that shows in other towns had similar experiences even though they had good weather.  For those AFI members who had shows this weekend, how did it go for y'all?We loaded up in about 75 to 90 minutes.  We went down the street a bi (drove) and ate at a place called Duffy's Dinner.  It is a through back to the 1950's.  Good food.  I was ready for a nice quiet meal.  The food was good but it was very loud and crazy.When we got home last night we all just crashed after a quick check on things at home & quick showers.  Not only were we exhausted from the day but it was also time change weekend.  It took me all of about 60 seconds to fall asleep.  As I feel asleep all I could think of was, "I'm melting, I'm melting" (Wizard of Oz movie!).


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