So what is everyone up to this weekend?  Who is doing a show?  Who is in the workshop or studio?  Anyone traveling or having fun for the 4th of July?

John (dh) and I are going to a wake this morning.  After that he is back to work for a while, then home.  He has been working on getting his antique car painted and has done a lot of the prep work himself.  He has hired someone to do the actual painting because they are very skilled and have all the equipment and a paint room.

I am going to come home and get in The Barn.  I spent a few hours yesterday working on my website.  I really did not like the background on the pages so I worked on changing that and trying to bring some consistency from page to page.  I have some work still to do but will get it done this weekend.

I also will work on some coasters this weekend---today and tomorrow.  I am getting out of the coaster business.  It was good while it lasted but due to cost increases I am having to just use up what I have and let it go.  It is sad because I've been doing travertine tile coasters---all designs applied by hand---since December 2012.  I am going to use the 2 cases I have left to fill out my popular monogram design and make up some fleur de lis coasters.  Fleur de lis designs are popular down here in Louisiana.  (All the coasters are sold in sets of 4.)

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  • Cindy, I hope your barn is air conditioned.  

    What am I doing?  Working from home on the Art Fair Calendar and I am dog sitting at my house.  The dog is great!

    Question Cindy, what is a wake?  We don't have wakes up here.  What do you do at a wake?  Just wondering.

  • Cindy, Save the cost of someone else painting your hubby's car. You've got the artistic talent, the paints... go for it. It will be an original :-)

    I'm doing a small show this weekend. No rain for a change, yaaaaah

    • No way, Jose, on painting dh's car.  He would kill me if I tried to do it now that it's in parts and pieces at the paint shop.

      Hoping your show goes well ... good sales, no rain, and meeting up with old and new friends.  Please give a review when it's over.

      • There is one of my many poor character flaws. I don't keep up with posting my show reviews.

        I know... Bad boy, BAAAAAAD    boooooy!

        Calling for 100 degrees ugh

        • What show and where?

          I am in Louisiana and our temps are running high 90's with heat index 100+.

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