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Holiday weekends traditionally are not big weekends for art fairs. On my radar:

Maybe you're not doing an art fair at all. What's up, folks? and how did your June shows do for you?

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West Shore art fair in Ludington MI. It had fallen in quality over the years and was taken over by the local art center last year. I heard good things about last year's show, so am giving it a try.

It is the 7th show in a row for me this season, and I am SO ready for a break! (I do the shows solo and am beginning to feel it!) One more show next weekend and then maybe I can tend to the jungle...I mean the garden...for a while before the second series begins in late August

Joan, we totally have to get together. I could be your roadie now and then. I need an excuse to go to Ludington too. That is a heavy load. I hope the energy is showing up in your checkbook in a most positive way and I'm looking forward to your usual straightforward reviews after you get the jungle tamed. It has been a great June for growing things around here.

South Haven, MI. First time it is going from one-day to two.

I have 14 in row....

whoa! does Kim know about that? 

I hope this South Haven thing works for everyone. It certainly is easier to do a two day show than that one day at Saugatuck and then one day at South Haven thing. Wonder if this impacted the applications at Saugatuck.

Keeps ya young! Good luck

Reupholstering the front bench seat in my '88 Suburban and getting more orders from art shows done. Back on the road next week.

Getting the hoses straightened out in the garden. I was told I need to fertilize and reupholstering is a winter thing around here. But then, I've never reupholstered the seats in a car.

In SW Fla, pickings are slim...well, really nonexistent! However, Englewood (which hosts the killer Rotary show in March) has a Fourth of July community celebration from 10a to 11p (I can start packing up at 7--and I will).  For only $75 and an 80 minute drive, I get a booth space, so no reason to stay home.  Last year I did nearly $1K here, and I've got a couple of clients from the spring show that live there year round and are coming by. 
So ya never know!

At worst it will be a continuation of my annual "Clear the Nest" sale, which I can promote more directly (with SALE signs) than I can at a regular art show.  I mark scratch-n-dent and dead inventory down to near-pocket change level, put those items in a separate bin, then put out a few regular items. 

I'm off the rest of the month so it would be nice to have a decent showing.  But it's going to be HOT--low 90s. 

Hoping you have put another $1K in your pocket by now, Geoff. Then you'll be back to painting your place?

Staying at home and getting ready for my big two July shows... Art in the Park and the Ann Arbor Summer Art Fair because I was waitlisted for West Shore Art Fair in Ludington (which I did last year) but was never called up... I still don't know why I was accepted into Art in the Park and the Ann Arbor Summer Art Fair but not West Shore in Ludington...

Art in the Park is "juried by check", I believe, Scott. It does get huge crowds though and I believe you can sleep at home. Always a bonus. 

Cherry Creek Arts Festival in Denver. Beautiful morning so far, but we've been having those afternoon showers, so cross your fingers!


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