Just popping in while I wait on wax to dry.  It is about as boring as watching paint dry or grass grow. LOL

I have prepped some quart size mason jars for painting.  Will get to it this weekend.  This is in prep for my open house next weekend.

Will do Christmas shopping this afternoon.

Christmas party for our store this evening at a local restaurant.

Tomorrow, church and more crafting in the afternoon.

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  • I got a finial completely painted and waxed.  It is ready to sell but .... I need to figure my price.

    I also got 8 wide mouth quart mason jars prepped and painted.  This afternoon i got them distressed with a lightly damp sponge.  Tomorrow I will start waxing.  I need to stop and find some decorative lids at Hobby Lobby.  I have some frog lids but want some others to be able to swap them out.  It is harder to find the decorative lids for wide mouth jars.  I can use a 40% coupon at Hobby Lobby and even Michaels, spending on who may have them.  There is a place to order them where I have an account, but they for regular openings.

    I have some more painting I want to get done this week.  Just need to narrow down what I really want to get finished.

  • I'm working on three trick saddles that are scheduled for end of year completion. I also have one other under construction that I wanted to make  and a rebuild that can be completed this winter. I finished up the last belt order from summer shows for artist friend. Note: never tell a saddle maker "no rush". LOL It was from an August show.  I'm also archiving articles I wrote and were published in early 2000's. They all had color prints back then, so they need to be digitized. My saddles are being used by trick riders at National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas.  Pretty neat to see their videos on Facebook. 

    • Nothing related to business except trying to push a few small pots online (etsy). Last week I fired and Friday I packed orders. Later today I'm going out to buy some more boxes for shipping. But nothing that is pressure or too busy-nice!

  • Relaxing. No shows in the close time frame. I don't feel my art is "holiday gift"materual. However I have had people reach out to me and order artwirk, shipped for gifts.  So I'm researching possible shows. Working on some different art subject matter. Getting ready for the holiday, Tuesday.

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