Good Monday morning everyone!  I am popping in to ask what you are working on this week.

Down here where I live many schools are taking in this week for the current school year.  John and I have not had a school-aged child in about 12 years.  That seems so long ago.  I love back to school because it means when I go to the grocery store or Walmart at my usual time (usually the morning), there are almost kid-free zones!  LOL  It's not kids I am against.  What bothers me the most is when parents drag kids around and the kids are hot, tired, and hungry (almost hangry!).  The parents push on and the kids become more vocal.  Okay, I am stepping down off my soap box!

I will be working on stuff for the upcoming show season, plus for my permanent booth.  I plan on getting up a little extra early to have a little more time in the shop the next few weeks.  I'll be working on furniture, glassware such as vases & wine bottles, and some wood decorative items & coasters.

Saturday John set the saw up and cut some scrap wood for me to make in to things.  It will be a mix of a few signs, some wood blocks to display photos, and some will have decorative hooks.  The will be stained, painted or a combination of both.

I got to use my new hand sander, orbital.  It has a collection bag on it so free floating dust is minimized.  YAY!  That was a recent addition to my tool arsenal thanks to John.

I guess that is it for now.

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  • This weekend dh and I are going out of town.  It is an anniversary trip, but we will also do some pickin'.  We need stuff to upcycle, clean & paint, etc. We are going to the gulf coast of Mississippi for a day or two.  There are plenty of excellent places to go junkin' and pickin' there.  A lot of the little towns along I-10 run together so it's easy to miss when one town stops and the next one starts.  We had a great time when we did this last September.  I can envision making this an annual trip.  :)

    There is a good reason for giving up the time at home for a couple days.  The reason being I got a bigger booth space at the antique/vintage/unique store I am.  I am going from about 65 sq. ft. to 96 sq. ft.  I have increased my space by about 50%!  I had originally asked bot 100 sf but it was not available when I got my booth.

    On our way home from out of town we are stopping in at the store to move our booth.  We will also leave anything that is ready to go into it.  I will return the next day if needed to finish up the booth before it's open for the weekend.  I am very excited for this opportunity.

  • Getting out more artworks (ordered at shows). Researching trailer ideas. Deciding where to travel to explore, be inspired and get ideas for more artwork.


    A well needed break.

  • Hi Cindy!  I'm about to take inventory after last weekend's 3-day show in Bozeman, MT, the Sweet Pea Festival.  It is a physically taxing show, setting up going up an incline to get to the site, then dragging our art work out of the park after the show, 2 8 PM's and the Sunday end of show/take down at 5 PM.  This year take down was accompanied by a thunderstorm of Biblical proportions!  I had to rest on Monday!  I'll divide the rest of the week with orders, making up inventory and hiking around the Yellowstone area.  Beautiful  weather here!

    • Looks like many are staying "put" this weekend.

      I had two shows in July so I am also building up inventory, and plan to spend some time with my family this weekend doing summer things.

  •  I'm redrawing saddle fender design for trick rider in Australia. First one had three red roses in center with turquoise fantasy feathers emerging from them.Now she wants three separate roses with fantasy feathers as stems and foliage. They will be quilted on white leather. Other saddle fenders have purple dream catchers with turquoise real feathers and red lightning bolts. All are quilted on white leather. Today the first job is to repair door on Subaru where door brake arm tore out. I'm going to have to rebuild part of door with steel plate. Glad I keep scrap metal around LOL. I still have roper wallet parts and holsters to cut for inventory rebuild. Some clients asked for ones with vertical credit card pockets, so I am redrawing some old patterns.

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