As I sit here enjoying java 2.0 on a beautiful spring morning, I wonder what everyone is doing this weekend?  Are you doing a show?  Prepping for shows?  Taking a weekend off?  Something else?

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  • 981295505?profile=RESIZE_480x480I'm working in my Barn shop this weekend (actually is is pretty much every day) to build up inventory. I have three galleries that I just put more of my pieces into and need to restock my supply for the shows.

    I also just finished up a custom order that I shipped to Alaska.

    Also spending daily time on the everlasting and never ending task of cleaning and organizing my shop. I long ago realized that if I do this every day then it will not become a monumental task...and besides I do my best work when the shop is neat and clean.

    I also spent a couple of hours today cutting the's getting to be that time of year where it becomes a weekly ritual.

    • Is this barn rebuilt from the storms a year or so ago, Greg? Looks very new and I see you are protecting your show vehicle so it is ready to roll out. It has to be expensive to ship to Alaska, how did you do that?

      • Connie...I did rebuild the barn after the flood in 2016. I had about 30" of water. I replaced the van with a newer one that was a year old.

        Surprisingly shipping to Anchorage was not expensive. I have a USPS account and the cost to ship a 12x10x10" box that weighed 7lbs was just under $30

      • I love the studio photos!

        My studio is not a barn but an upstairs addition to our self standing 2 car garage, so my space is equal to a 2 car garage minus the steps area.

        I can access it from the back also as it is built into a hill.

        I did not work in my studio this past weekend until Sunday evening, which is unusual for me.

        I'm also working on stock for shows, first show will be in June.

        It amazes me that there are people out there well into their 2018 show season!

    • Greg,

      Love your barn!  How big is it?  I have one too that we recently built and it's 14x22.  I am still trying to get stuff straightened up in it.  dh just got the shelving finished a few days ago.  I understand about doing a little every day so it does not become overwhelming.301686269?profile=original

      • Hello Cindy,

        Your barn looks real nice and i know you will enjoy it.

        My barn is 24x40, Donstairs is my woodshop and upstairs is my combo, office, photo area, exercise room for Carol and I and some junk collection. One thing about a shop is that it is never big enough..When I built it years ago it looked so huge when it was I always wonder where i can fit those new tools I want...

        spent today making some of my Cajun Cypress CoaT Hangers301686215?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024

        • I understand about feeling short of space.  By having the space I do, which I love, it keeps me motivated to not let things sit too long, to keep them moving.

          I love the cypress piece.  That is what is awesome about living in Louisiana, we have such great natural products to include in our pieces.

  • It's snowing again here in Franktown SE of Denver, but it's light off and on. Seven deer were in the yard this morning. I'm creating patterns for new Pee Wee size tack to go with Pee Wee saddles - headstalls and breast collars. The prototype saddle has been started with three other trick saddles. I finally finished my three "fall trick saddles" last week and got them shipped: AZ, MO and one to Scotland was picked up earlier.  These three go to CA, Canada, Australia, and the Pee Wee goes to MS. I have been working all winter with a couple trainers on designing the PWs including sending bare wood saddle trees to event in Rapid City, SD for fitting on small horses and ponies. The trees went back to UT for rawhide covering after that and they just arrived here this month. PW saddles are for the little kids (4-8 year olds) doing acrobatics on ponies and small horses. Photo is of "Magnificent Maddie" 7 years old in MO.981295458?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024 

    My belt inventory for art shows is complete, but I am short on suspenders (in the works) and lots of other stuff - billfolds, credit card cases, canteens, holsters, saddle bags............   I've been accepted to 3 of 5 shows applied to, and will hear from other 2 in May.  Little show at church is May 5, but still no great return on $5K sunk so far. Yee Gads, my accountant of 30+ years got a rare blood disease and had to quit in Feb with corporate taxes due in March. I have a new young woman CPA now.  I am in the process of moving accounting from Quickbooks to Excel spreadsheets.  I was using spreadsheets and QB, but QB is always changing stuff, and now I can't access details of journal entries which were about all I was using. I just don't want all of my banking, credit cards etc installed in one place to make QB work right. Time to get back to work - finish the patterns, get some strap orders cut, work on 4 saddles. 


    • Ha, ha ... isn't it great to be of retirement age, Dick, and still going strong? Good for you. Me too. Taxes still not filed, people sick all around me. My brother, Vietnam vet, welder, etc., finally released to join our parents. My accountant not getting my emails ... Quickbooks acting up. But we'll get there. Those saddles are amazing. In LA at Christmas we sent to Burbank to see the horse show for the horses who had been chosen to be in the Rose Parade. So beautiful and tricked out. 

      My former brother-in-law has started selling some saddles he has and my nephew is selling them on eBay. How do you ship yours?

      I'd love a story about your little church show that I know you've supported for many years. 

      • I ship FedEx.  Some of the Aussie gals have me ship to Las Vegas if they are there for National Finals Rodeo and they take them back for themselves or friends in saddle bags wrapped in duck tape so customs won't want to look LOL. Church show is May 5.  I cleaned out 20 years of art prints, show posters, rodeo posters accumulated over the years for the silent auction. Some are gifts of signed prints from deceased artists I knew.  I didn't want to spend the time putting them up on Ebay. 

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