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Dh and I got back yesterday from a long weekend on the Mississippi coast.  It was a combo trip .... our 39th anniversary plus we did some pickin'.  We were in the Long Beach area and went picking from Denge Street all the way over to Gulfport and Biloxi.  It was a fun weekend.

On the way home we stopped in Covington at The Painted Pelican where i have a booth.  I got a larger space and had to move before the coming weekend.  I also had picked up a couple of larger pieces that were in good enough shape to leave, after wiping them down with some Murphy's Oil Soap spray.  I also found a few McCoy Pottery pieces and one by Hull that I left in my booth.

I have been working today on a table I picked up over the weekend.  It had been primed but never painted.  I had to smooth out the primer to get rid of the ridges.  Got that done this morning and got the top painted with 3-4 coats of paint that also includes the wax.  I also got the skirt painted with 3 coats as well, in a different color.  I will get to the legs tomorrow.  A friend in the business told me it's better to paint the legs separately if possible.  These were removable and we had to remove them to get the table home.  The reason for painting them separately is if the customer has to take it apart to get it home and it does not go back together "just right" then you could see where it was not painted.

I also worked on painting and waxing some boards that will have hooks put on them.  They are ready for the hooks when dh can get to them.

I got started on a smaller 2nd table.  The top needed sanding before painting.  Got the sanding done and the first coat of paint on it.

Saturday i am going to The Painted Pelican for the first anniversary party and to work my monthly 4 hour shift.  A friend is riding along with me.  Dd may go too.

The following weekend I have my first show of the fall season in Mobile, AL.  It is a Vintage Market Days show.

Between now and this coming Saturday I am spending as much time as possible in The Barn.  Then Sunday - Tuesday of next week it'll be the same.

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We're looking forward to doing the FLATS in Cleveland again!!!

Wish I'd been along with you on that weekend. My favorite thing - picking. My home in Coldwater sits on US 12 and every August there is a statewide yard sale from border to border. Last year we hosted a big one because I was moving! Luckily didn't have to do it again this year, but would have loved the drive along the highway nonetheless.

This weekend my stepdaughter is coming to the house in Coldwater (where we ran our art fair business for 30 years) to pick up the remaining photographs and negatives from her father's nearly lifelong career as a photographer to archive them. Very bittersweet. I may have a buyer finally for this wonderful old house, so getting more things out of it will be a help. 

Heck, I have to get to the South to visit some of your shows, Cindy.

Connie, I would love to have you!!!  I am going to The Painted Pelican this Saturday where I have my permanent booth.  Then leaving the following Thursday for Mobile (AL) for Vintage Market Days.  This is the inaugural show for our fall season.

I have been busy in The Barn yesterday and today getting stuff painted.  I am at the point where I have butterflies in my stomach and feeling the stress in my neck, shoulders and back.  Once next week gets here I'll be okay.  I am feeling the way that I am because of the pressure to get as much as possible by the time Sunday evening arrives.  I need a cut off time so I can be sure everything is dry.  We will start loading Tuesday at the latest.  Once I know I am done painting and waxing, the stress lifts.

I am enjoying java 2.0 of the afternoon and must finish it up so I can get back to work.

I'm working on finishing a painting to bring to a show this weekend, Arts at the Gardens at Sonnenberg Gardens in Canandaigua NY. This will be my first time at this show so I have no idea what to expect. I am changing around my booth setup a bit, and will also be trying out live painting during the festival (I'm usually kind of nervous painting while people watch, but I've become a bit more confident over the last year or so. Should be interesting!)

Hope you all have a great week!

Best wishes at the show, Kristy.

I did Sonnenburg some time ago and thought it was a nice show. It was not busy but it was steady.

I didn't find a decent hotel closeby, if I ever return I need to fix my hotel situation!

I'm working very long days to get restocked for next weekend. This weekend will just be a continuation of work with some fun/family stuff.

Just wondering if any of you are having any luck trying Air BnB? Some artists are pairing up with friends and sharing houses ... 

Connie - I posted my reply to your question as a new thread, since I think it will receive active discussion.

Thanks for the idea. Not  only through BnB, but there are probably  other types of lodging in the Finger Lakes area that I hadn't considered- small cabins, etc. I'll look at that!

I'm dividing my studio time between 5 saddles, special order work and gettin inventory rebuilt for Estes Park show Labor Day weekend. Saddles: sew linings on two sets of fenders and assemble with stirrup leathers, sew lining on one seat. Special orders: a left hand holster, 2 pairs of trick rider reins, a breast collar, trifold with coin purse. Inventory: carve and stamp 6 belts. 

So lovely, Richard. Tell me why this leather is white, please.

White has been the traditional color for rodeo trick riders since the pre-WWII era. I personally think it is the most popular color so the female trick riders can do a variety of colors with their costumes. I am looking at doing custom costumes when I get old and decrepit. Seats on plain natural leather trick saddles are more colorful. I have done hot pink, turquoise, electric purple in addition to the usual earth tones and black.  I am doing a lime green one on a prototype Pee Wee trick saddle for the really little 4-7-year old’s and their ponies. All of the floral sewn work is original and one-of-a-kind for each saddle.  This fall I have an oak tree, leaves and acorns going to GA, and one with Pegasus wings going to Australia. The Celtic one was a challenge. My clients have great ideas.

Very nice. My preference is for the tanned hides. I always wanted to be a cowgirl. How do you get these international clients?


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