Has anyone done this Hamptons show before?  I'm going next weekend and hoping to find some good buyers.  I checked out the area a month or so ago during ArtHamptons, but I have no idea what to expect from an art FAIR there...   Any tips?

p.s.  I'm a painter with really large work.  I did some beach scenes for this show.

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  • i did this show over labor day weekend. great foot traffic and decent but not outstanding sales----this seemed to be the case across the boad from all participants---. emphasis on fine arts---high end work---will definitely do it next year.-how did you do?

    • Lost track of this thread somehow...I won't be back, it's just not my market.  2-D may sell, or it may not, but my 2-D (fine art bird photography, on large canvases) withered on the vine.  People were polite, but there wasn't much interest.  I got the feeling the visitors wanted local everything, as if to say to their friends: "Here's where I live, isn't it beautiful?"  My photos of birds taken elsewhere, even if they were the same birds they would see in their backyard ocean view, wasn't going to make the same statement.

  • My sales at this show were down from past years, but I still did fair.  This is usually a very strong show for me.  There was a lot of interest in my large higher end pieces...if a couple of those come through after the show it could turn it all around.

    That being said, this year was the strongest and most consistent crowd since I started doing this show 4 years ago.  The show is in a very affluent area and people there are educated about art and they know what they like.  The popularity of this show has only grown over the years, and I feel that it will continue to grow.

  • How did the show end up for you Kirsten?  It didnt turn out so well for Geoff and myself.

    • yes, also not so good.  My work is really large and kinda pricey.  so, not necessarily impulse purchase material.  I'm hoping the introduction and a few email addresses will lead to some sales or commissions in the future...

      Sorry It wasn't better for you.

      • no wait!  I just got a follow up call from a customer.  Taking paintings out for possible purchase in a few weeks!  ~that's hopeful!  Hopefully we all get some follow up sales!

        • congrats to you!  That's quite the drive out there for a possible purchase.  I think I'd have to have a guaranteed sale before driving all that way again (you're from Ohio too right?)

          • I share an apartment in Jersey that I use part time.  Otherwise, yes.  You'd be right.  They sound pretty positive.  It sounds like they have a back up plan for the painting they like if it doesn't fit a particular space.  :)

            Where are you from in Ohio?

            • That's good.  I'm glad they have a good plan for it!  I hope it works out! 


              I'm from South of Columbus.  Grew up in Washington Court House, moved to TX, moved back to Ohio to Canal Winchester, and just relocated to Mt. Sterling. 

  • Beats me, Kirsten...I'm in the show too, as a first timer.  We will both learn something!
    (Did you search the site typing Paragon or Westhampton as your search terms?)

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