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I have been invited to exhibit at this art fair.  It will be my second one.  Has anyone had any recent experience with this fair?  I am wondering how sales would be.

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Rosie, please search for "Wells Street Art Fair" in the search box and you'll get a lot of information.

I did.  All reviews are from 2011-2012 and I wanted something more current. I only saw one good review on Yelp for the 2016 show.  I was just trying to get updated information.

Thanks Connie!  

I'm going to give it a shot. This will be my first time. I have some friends that live in Chicago and go every year. I told them few reviews I could find were not great. They love the show !(one ove my friends works at the museum of modern art so I'm trusting her.) It looks like a lot of fun the load in and out does give me reservations but I'm willing to try it at least once. Some of the artist I see at other art fairs have done it the last few years and seem to like it as well.

Thanks Scotty! I appreciate the comment. Have you exhibited at Art Fairs for a while? I don't like the loading times and being there until at least 8pm. However you have given me hope with this show!

Oh my goodness the main thing I didn't like was the time. That's so funny we both had the same thought. (Not a morning person at all ) I was reminded by a friend when choosing between this show and another that my favorite show last year also required a very early load in. I have been doing shows for a few years getting busier and busier each year. The main reason I decided on this show was the potential opertunities that could arise. When thinking it over last night and having to choose this on or another a friend said "safe and familiar or thrilling and unknown?" I think it will be big fun, long days for sure but the adrenaline of being in the city and chatting with the crowd will keep me going. Hope this helps.

It does.  I think since I am just getting started I might just visit the show and see what's  up.  I am not quite sure I could recoup my booth fee.  Of course, maybe if I kept my booth open until 10pm, I might sell more to those who spent the day sampling the beverages at the bars...hehehe

It might, Rosie. Do you have something that the evening visitors would like? that would make a difference. I never minded drinking at shows, often those people were easier to sell to. I like Scotty's attitude. This business is full of adventure. Sometimes you need it other times, something else. I heard this quote in a movie recently, don't know if it applies, but definitely does for many people I know in this business: "Better hand to mouth than nine to five."

If you don't have a track record of sales, knowing you can make XX dollars, then visiting is very smart. Visiting is always smart. We did shows for nearly 30 years and we'd still visit shows to check them out. 

Thanks for the advise Connie!   I have a couple of September Shows where the booth fee is about $200, I am comfortable with that.  I am not sure about the Wells Street Fair yet, I have some time before I need to commit to it.  hehehe

I think you'll last long in this business, Scotty. Why not give it a chance? You'll have stories to tell and experience you can use elsewhere if nothing else. But I'm sure you'll have something more than that. Good luck.

Thank you! Yes that is kind of my attitude. This is a fun business and I have met some amazing people usually when I'm not expecting it. I have so enjoyed this site since I discovered it last year. I have learned many things. I listen to the podcasts over and over while I work in the studio. Thank you for all you do for not only providing information but bringing people together in a fun and new way.

You're so welcome, Scotty. Glad you listen to the podcasts. Even though not professionally produced they are full of interesting people and lots to learn. I hope to meet you at a show one day.

Thrilling and unknown sounds quite fun.  And I love talking to people.  I am still weighing the pros, vs the cons.  (right now the only con is the booth price and show times...hehehe)


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