I would very much appreciate any suggestions on the website I'm building. Right now it's still on the "free" program but once I'm all done I'll pay the dollars and go live.

There is a store on the site but I haven't added any pics yet, haven't decided whether I want a store or want to go another route when selling. Ignore that page if you do wander the site.

Thanks in advance. Be gentle, I know I have a long way to go before it's ready to go!


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  • I have been meaning to comment, but I'm maxed out right now with stuff. I'll just be quick with a suggestion. When I click your work, it gets bigger, but there's no information about it; no size, price, materials used, brief description about it explaining the work, and no phone number how to reach you about it. All of these details are most important for a website to be effective.

    I use Fine Art Studio Online, and the folks running the show there provide tested marketing tips daily. Clint Watson, the owner of FASO, used to be a gallery dealer in Texas and he's got a lot of knowledge about selling art. His suggestions have helped me improve the amount of traffic to my site and increase sales for me.

    Also, Connie's son, Scott Fox, has a service to help artists establish the best websites possible by reviewing your site and making the appropriate suggestions based on tested practices that work. There's a fee. If you're interested in that, investigate AFI for his info.

    Don't just have a website that sits there. Make it work for you. You certainly have enough fine work to make it do that for you, and it shows that you are dedicated to your craft. Keep up the good work. WOOHOO!

    • Thank you so much for taking the time to review AND to comment! All good info.

    • I just saw your other thread about website help wherein Scott Fox commented. So you already know about him as well as what else I said here last night.

  • Janet I love your work and I love you and I love your website (and I am very opinionated). You don't need us to be gentle:). The only thing I would like to see is a better list of shows you will be in. If you have it in there I missed it. Otherwise ready to go. Good job.
    • Thank you, for every comment. I will be smiling the rest of the day. The shows are there, will move them to a more prominent place so they can be found easily.

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