Wanted: Trimline 10x10 8' ht.

Hi All, New to the Art Festival world and looking for a tent set-up. Looking for: Trimline 10x10 by 8' ht. Sta-Bars Universal Door Wall Preferably with light, minimal previous usage. Desired Extras (if available) Black Mesh Soft Walls 8' ht. 1 or 2 Awnings Weights, plastic pipes, or similar options. I am located in Atlanta, GA. Willing to pay shipping (exclude weights) if price is right. Or willing to drive for pick-up, to a reasonable distance. Thanks - Sol Sims

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  • Sol, are you still looking for a Trimline? I have one I would like to sell. I am in Nashville.

    • Hey Bruce, sorry I didn’t follow up on my original post, but yes, I did find one.

      Thank you for the offer. 

      - Sol

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