Hi everyone!

I'm looking for 7' dark grey Pro Panels (preferably knock down panels with telescoping legs) for a 10'x10' booth setup. I'm located in Seattle but willing to drive a reasonable distance in the region to pick them up.

Please let me know if you have something! Thanks!


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  • Hi all, just updating that I’m still looking for some panels. Thanks!
  • I live in Las Vegas.......but there is UPS!  I happen to have a complete set of the propanel system in dark grey that I paid $3,256 for.   Used once at a show, and never got a chance to use again. Now I have a brick and mortar gallery and don't have any future plans to travel to shows. I went all out with the hangers, desk, display bin, shelves and rolling cart. I would like to sell it as a set instead of breaking it up. If you are interested, contact me at dawgcr8z@aol.com, or call me at 702-403-0226 and we can talk price. Betty Potter

    • Hi Betty, thanks for your message! I just sent you an email.


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