Hi All, I recently applied to a holiday boutique in to be held Dec 5th in Vernon Hills, IL. I just received an email from the organizer about the number of artists as opposed to jewelers (I am a jeweler). She said, "As of right now, we have enough artists in your medium. We had a large number of jewelry artists apply this year compared to artists in other mediums. If however, we expand the number of artists in other mediums, we will be able to accept one more jewelry artist (me)." Anyway, if anyone is interested in applying for this show go to: http://www.hawthorn73.org/pto/page.php?id=1669_0_18_0 The entry fee is $60 and there is no commission. They seemed to be careful about jurying the show so there may actually be a nice collection of artists at this one. Very different from other holiday shows that I have done with vendors like Mary Kay, Pampered Chef and mass produced jewelry.

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