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Hello Everyone,

My first Arts Festival is in less than a month and I wanted to thank everyone for posts and comments that have helped me so much to get somewhat up to speed on what it is I would be needing. (Nothing like experience as a teacher though, so I'm sure I've got a lot more to learn). This site was the beginning point of my research, augmented by online reviews mostly from Amazon. We set up my tent on the deck as a trial run and everything is coming together.

As an attempt to "give back" I thought I'd mention that at the beginning of June, I purchased a Core 10'x10' because I liked the looks of it (I wanted a light gray canopy). I paid attention to the overall height, but not the walk in height. My husband & I set this up on the front lawn & were surprised to discover the walk in height was only 6'2" - as much as I liked the tent otherwise that just wasn't going to cut it - fortunately I have Amazon Prime and returning it was easy.

I then checked Costco and bought the Undercover Pro with three adjustable heights, up to 8' for walk in height. My husband set that up on the deck to surprise me after I got home from work and he said, "I don't know what you paid for this, but it was worth it!" It's a beautifully constructed and easy to work with tent. It came with the tapered leg coverings which I think adds a nice touch, but I may or may not use it. Also an extra 2-1/2' wide panel you can set on one of the sides. I'm not sure what to do with that. I wonder if it could be printed on as a custom banner. It also came with a nice roller bag.

I had already purchased Caravan enclosure walls with zippers because the Core tent didn't offer their own brand. I kept those and am able to use them for the Undercover without issue. Also, I purchased the Flourish Stabars - upper and lower, plus light bar - for "EZ UP"-type tents and they all fit great. We took it down yesterday and set it on the lawn to wash off the dust and other stains from having it sitting under a willow tree and it cleaned up nicely. Again, my husband complimented me on my choice. So that's it. If anyone is searching for a review of a good tent for a booth, we are very pleased with the Undercover Pro from Costco (delivered to our door) that we purchased summer 2016 for $279.

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Thanks for the review.  I've been looking at this tent too.  Nice to hear the accessories work well with it.  Would love to hear how it does after your first show and your thoughts then.

The Undercover pro was the first tent I owned. A friend of my wife and I now has it and she is also satisfied with it. You will get the true feel of it once you have gone through a range of weather conditions with rain and wind. I hope yours servers you well...


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