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Hi all - I'm brand new here (and to the art show business). I have a show coming up pretty soon and have to get a tent and display system ordered. I've done so much research that my brain is scrambled. I had pretty much decided that I would buy a Flourish system that was being advertised here if it was still available, but the guy isn't responding to me, so now I need to make a new decision. I am inclined to buy an Undercover canopy because all the reviews I had read are really good - sturdy and easy for one person to set up. I'm bummed they don't have an awning, but I see that you can purchase an awning from Fred's Awnings. Also, because my budget is super strained after having purchased art prints and other business necessities, I cannot afford an expensive display, and I also have very limited room in my Honda Pilot for packing, so the display system needs to break down. Thinking about getting a basic set of metal grid panels from Graphic Displays. This way I can also have a basic set-up for an indoor show.

- I would be really interested to hear if any of you have the Undercover canopy and what you think of it.

- Anybody using the metal grid panels from Graphic Displays?

Thanks for any opinions y'all might share with me.

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I have a couple of the Undercover tents. Get the R-2. I also have the Flourish Trimline. Both have their advantages. I also have a couple of the Flourish Softwalls. I use the softwalls for all the different tents. They are GREAT!. I would not recommend anything better than the softwalls, for quality, compactness and ease of setup. I even sold a set of softwalls to a fellow artist who has switched from the gridwalls to the mesh. Big advantage of the softwalls / mesh. Much more compact. Better display. Easier setup.

Thank you, Larry. I think both the mesh and softwalls look so much better and would be much easier to transport and set up...but what about indoor shows? 

They are great for indoor shows. Why not? The only limitation is they are primarily for your perimeter. Any other use would have to be with a frame, such as a french door / wall. That is the only advantage a grid wall or propanel has over the mesh. You would still need a frame to hang the mesh. Couldn't you use the Undercover, without the top or side walls? I have. The frame, with lower stabars, gives all you need for the mesh. The upper accordion frame gives a place to hang lighting as well as signage. Or you could just go with parts from Flourish for an indoor booth frame. I have done both. BTW, for an awning for the Undercover, I made my own. I might be willing to sell mine. Not sure yet. I used the term "mesh" to indicate either the "softwalls" or the "mesh" as they install the same. Softwalls, as far as I know, just means they have the extra, outside layer.

OK - so you mean that when you do indoor shows, you set up your tent frame and attach the mesh/softwall to that frame? 

Also - with the Undercover...have you had it in heavy rain? If so, have you had any leakage at all?

I'm interested in your awning, if you decide to sell. How did you make it?

Yes, on how I can do indoor shows. 

My Undercovers have been in intense rain. At a location I have (not a public show, but private) I left it set up for a couple of weeks, with a lot of serious rain. No problem, no leaks.

I had, pretreated the roof seams with 303 repellent, when brand new but not since.

I purchased material from a fabric store. Attached velcro. Made the frame from EMT pipe. Used fittings from Flourish for the attachments to the tent. Electrical connectors for the pipe joints.

Thanks, Larry - really appreciate your response. I've ordered the Undercover (R2 - which is X2 now) and also 3 mesh panels from Flourish. Nervous as heck about the money layout, but at least I will have a nice looking set-up. Have a great day!

I don't work for Flourish nor have any relationship with them, other than being a customer. However, if you let them know I recommended them, that would be nice. I'd like them to know I appreciate the great service they have given me.

I think the money layout will long become of no concern. They last. Have almost no maintenance. Will save time as opposed to other setups. Most of all they hold their resale value.

Thanks again - and I will definitely let them know you recommended them. They were nice to work with on the phone. Also...just in case you decide to sell your awning, please let me know. Thanks!


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