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Anyone have opinions on the 3 different trimline tops offered?

I am a photographer that does all my prints on metal and run into issues with reflections a lot. I was looking at upgrading to a Trimline (currently just using a pop-up) and they offer a frosty top, normal top with skylight, or blackout top.

I'm unsure whether it's better to go with a top that lets more light through in the hopes that the light would be evenly dispersed as to light the tent without reflections, or to try and block as much light as possible to hopefully eliminate reflections but possibly make the tent too dark during the day for the prints to really pop.

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As a photographer, understanding the importance of lighting is paramount.

Therefore, control it in your booth.

Perhaps blackout extraneous light. Install your own and then you control all the lighting.

I like my Trimline top with the skylight. It's muted, and gives the tent an open and airy feeling, and is perfect for overcast days.


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