Trimline combo, 10x10 and 10x15

I am selling my Trimline combo, 10x10 and 10x15 foot options.

The package includes:

-10x10 foot top

-10x15 foot top and framework extension for this top

-7 foot walls (3 ten foot 3 segment walls, 1 ten foot solid wall, 2 five foot solid walls)

-2 thirty inch translucent awnings

-1 fifty four inch by 10 foot translucent awning

-1 fifty four inch by 5 foot translucent awning

All in good condition. $2,455 to replace this package. Selling for $1,000.

 I am in Edmonds, WA. which is 30 minutes north of Seattle.

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  • Has the 10x15 sold yet? 

  • Would you be willing to sell just the 10x10 trimline tent? Not sure I need the rest. I am in Whatcom County and need a nice setup for the Edmonds Art Festival! Have pro-panels. Just need the canopy.
    • How do I get more info from you. Email?
      • 425 672 9760.

    • Ria,

      Coincidentally I just had someone interested in just the 10x15 segment. So yes, I would sell just the 10x10. The extras include 3 walls with segment zippers, 2-30 inch awnings, 1-54 inch awning. Replacement today would be $1,480. I would see it for $685. Leaving town soon for Europe for 4.5 months. We are in Edmonds.


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