I am leaving the road for small venue and gallery showing only due to mobility limitations after major fusion surgery. The sale is for pick up only in Cape Coral, FL - includes very good condition tent, awnings, and mesh walls, and layout for french wall to put where you want it, for the most part. Trimline top has open hatches for wind and in the center a mock sunroof to let light in. Includes awning and bars. Marked bars and a color coded map included so you can set it up quickly. Priced at $1,000 for all.

In good shape. Includes several heavy duty carrying bags for legs and L and T Bars. Works great indoors and outdoors. Made it through several windstorms without a scratch via 50 lbs of water in Home Depot paint jugs on each corner of the tent - solid like a rock.  The entire set-up was purchased a year and a half ago from a glass jewelry artist who toured the Florida circuit only & is right at maybe 5 1/2 years old. 

All of the parts to the best of my knowledge are original and all there since we have done multiple configurations with it since I have owned it. The pictures are from this past year.

You can contact me through this post or directly at mimistirn@gmail.com. 


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  • I am looking for mesh walls only.  Would you sell them separately?  Can pick up. You can email me at rdfabrications@runbox.com.  Thanks

  • Please email rougerogue8@gmail.com with details age original parts list. Returning to Ft Myers on 26th.
  • Wishing I was close enough to pick up!

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