Transportation and Storage Boxes

Transportation and storage boxes, perfect for 2-D artwork.  I used them for several years to transport and protect my photography, however I have now retired from doing art shows and no longer need them. Each box is made from heavy corrugated plastic; has a foam insert in the bottom; and a metal frame around the top to which the lifting straps are attached.  There are 7 boxes total and all are in good condition. Interior dimensions are: 25x37x7, 42x32x4, 45x36x4, 40x18x8, 25x20x8, and two at 23x20x8. Cost when purchased new was between $75 and $125 each depending on size.  Asking $250 for all 7 boxes.

I'm located near Raleigh, NC.

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  • I am desperate for something like this. Any idea where they were purchased? 

  • i want these, please! these are just what i have been trying to find. can we find a way to ship them to colorado? nobody seems to make these anymore.

    • How much weight do they hold?
      • I really don't know.  I've had the smaller ones full of matted photographs and/or framed photographs.  The other sizes I've had full of framed photographs.  They are made of corrugated plastic, which is much stronger than corrugated cardboard, and are reinforced around the top with metal.  

    • I investigated freight shipping per Steve’s suggestion. The minimum estimate for this is approximately $400.
      • Too bad they don't collapse. I believe that would have saved a lot on the shipping.
    • Just helping out Mary, based on the size, it looks like they would be expensive to ship via fedex ground (or similar). It might be cheaper to see if they can be strapped to a pallet and freight shipped. Might be $200 or less for the freight then. Could look at too.

  • Do they collapse down, when not in use?

    Are they waterproof?

    When they are loaded with product, are they stackable?

    Do you have any shows coming up in the North East, wherein transportation would be a viable alternative to shipping costs?

    • No they don't collapse. 

      No they are not waterproof, they are water resistant meaning they would protect your work during a brief shower. 

      Yes, I have stacked them.

      I have retired from shows, so no I won't be coming to the North East. 

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