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Hello all, haven't posted on here in a very long time. Did a search for transport trunk but didn't come up with anything. Looking for any pointers for a box with wheels to transport paintings from trailer to tent location and back to vehicle if I choose to not leave paintings over night. I've seen a few artists with some nice boxes covered in the same material as the Pro panels but would think that's not good if it's raining. In any case, if anyone has any links or pictures they can share that would be great even if I have to go have them made. 

Thank you

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Depending on what you need, size-wise, you have a number of options. For bigger pieces, the boxes get heavy. Here's a link to the evolution of my boxes and bins on my blog:

6" or 8" rubber wheels are available at Harbor Freight and Northern Tool. I've had better luck with the tires from Northern Tool. They run about $20 apiece. Search for "pneumatic casters". For smaller boxes, you can use the run-flat casters with hard rubber wheels. But they don't do as well wheeling over grass. 

Rough plans here. I use these boxes for 20x26 framed work and bin prints. I can fit three 30x40 in the larger bin along with a mess of 20x26 matted prints. 

I also have a very large box that will handle about 12 30x40 framed pieces, but it is too big for the trailer at present, unless something gets taken off. It has been in my garage for a while. Two lids, hinged with piano hinges, large 6" pneumatic wheels. I am thinking of repurposing it so that it stands on end. Moving the wheels to one end.

I have one box that carries four 30x40 frames that is very similar to this box. The main difference is that I put the door on hinges, and on the end, rather than a topload. That way, I can slide it into the bed of my pickup cap, and get one piece out without moving the box, if needed.

For smaller work, boxes with a pine frame and coroplast sides and top can work pretty well. Not really waterproof, but works for pieces up to about 30 x 20. 

See this post on AFI for more on the coroplast box.

Most of these boxes need a shop to construct, with a table saw, a chop saw and some other tools. They are just boxes, but managing large sheets of plywood is always a pain. You can have Home Depot or Lowes cut down plywood for you if you know exactly what you want. It may not be 100% square, but for this, it usually isn't that critical.

One final point: Sketchup (used to be a Google tool, now Trimble) is a great visualizer for building this kind of stuff. You can get the dimensions pretty accurate with the free version.

Thank u very much. Guys, exactly what I was looking for, didn't even think about the casters and grass. Will try out the sketchup JIm.

Thanks again?

Try looking for flight cases from bands or lighting companies - those have the big casters usually, are sturdy, often padded, and afaik can get those used for a song if you look in places like ebay, craigslist, etc.


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