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Town ArtFair, Leawood, Ks.  I've heard varying reports about this show.  What's you view?  And would you share what your medium is, please?


Karen Cooper

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I've never heard of it until today and I've lived in KC my entire life.
Ouch.  I guess they don't believe in advertising, eh?

plaza doesn't need to advertise

brookside doesn't need to advertise

westport is well known at this point, tends to get lost by being too close to the plaza show.

zona rosa is already an area with good foot traffic on weekends and plenty of parking.  has the benefits of the plaza by having shopping and restaurants there too

downtown is in P&L.  don't know much about the show.  want to go this year to scope out

prairie village I've never been to, didn't know about it until last year

peculiar started one, didn't know about it until zapplication

Town Center Plaza , didn't know about it until zapplication

Olathe, didn't know about it until zapplication

Liberty's replaced a long history of a spring festival with one.  not much traffic their first year though

NKC started one last year and was super slow but it's a small town and didn't do much advertising.  this year they're overlapping more with a car show that brings lots of people out.  it's free and Saturday only which is nice.

there's one at longview lake I never heard of.

the irish festival is for drinking, not a good mix with art, and the hours are crazy long.


a good festival I've been to is the one in Springfield in May.  I lived there for a year in 2006-2007 and it was really busy for a single street length and being pay to enter

I've done the show a couple of times. Each time I sold one major piece which made it worth it. However many didn't make booth fee. Their advertising has not been consistent from year to year. It is always really hot on that blacktop. One year they provided water the next year they didn't. However there are some real art patrons that come. It is just risky with lack of advertising a possibility and low crowds. Do you want to risk it for one good sale?

Thanks for the replies.

And Kevin, Prairie Village has been around awhile.  Been there, done that, came away smiling.

is it a busy show like Brookside?
Kevin, Donna Potts runs both Brookside and Prairie Village. Good traffic at both.


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