Hello, all - I'm doing the Boardwalk Art Show in Virginia Beach next weekend, and have heard all sorts of horror stories and dire warnings... I'd really like to hear from some of you who've done the show, about any tips or ideas you have particular to the Boardwalk show. 

I know to bring extra weights, and to tie my tent to the fence. I have a plan to keep people from entering the tent from the back during the show (I have a set of old wire mesh panels, and am going to put up a pair of them between my mesh panels and the back wall of the tent. 

What else do I need to know? 

And a judging question... I have heard that the show judges everyone, invites the top whatever percent for next year, then kicks out the bottom whatever percent for next year.

First of all, is this true? 

Second of all, I have a nice, steady business in pet portraits, and I usually hang two or three pet portraits along with a sign telling folks they can sign up to get portraits. I am thinking that for this show, I should maybe not hang those pieces? 

Thanks for any tips or ideas! 

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  • If anyone wants to use my Caravan pop-up, I can bring it down late today or Saturday AM.  I'd prefer to use it with my gridwall panels because they stiffen the 7 year old frame!  Usually in places with wind, I put up 3 walls of gridwall, basically making my tent a steel box.  Not sure it would have stood up yesterday, but it's seen some strong winds. 

    Call me at 757 642-6722.  I'm about 20 minutes away in Norfolk.

  • Well, Carrie, I guess you listened to Alison's tips because both of you survived unscathed through the storm. Good going.

  • Damage report about 40 tents gone or severally damaged. All types of tents from ez ups to a double craft hut. My ez up survived because I use a double stabilizer system, I lowered it before I left and my guardian angel was with me. As they say the show will go on, we're a tough lot.
  • I hope everyone is ok!  Please let us know if you can. 

  • I just read the update on the damage to tents -- my heart goes out to the artists who are suffering because of the weather event.

  • OK, so we have

    Alison Thomas - 2424

    Lori Kay - 2012

    Suzanne Ens - 2627

    Ron Roland - 2228

    Carrie Jacobson - 2423

    Any other AFIers doing the Boardwalk show in Virginia Beach this weekend? 

    • Shoot! Wish I could be there. I would love to meet each of you and see this show that I've never been to. Everyone make sure and get invited back next year and I'll put this on my calendar. I'd love to come to Virginia Beach in June. Dave and I could booth sit for you. Wishing you great weather! 

      • Whoops! I just went to their website -- storms tonight. Hope everyone is well and will wake up to a great day tomorrow. 

        • My tent blew away, trimline. It's just gone. I had removed my work of course tho. Wish I had won that trimline now! 33 tents damaged or missing, by last MOCA email. But they were missing at least two more, mine and a neighbor's. so 35. Never thought this would happen to me.
    • I'm in 2124.

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