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I am considering my options. Has anyone had experience with ABC Canopy or Pro Shade?

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I purchased an Abc canopy about two years ago, I was so impressed that I now have 3.  Easy to put up, clicks on legs have a push button (no pinched fingers) the top is made of a heavy canvas type material.  I have not had any problems with leaks, the sides attach with a strong 3 inch Velcro (I have not had them detach until I do it) The top is easy to attach at the corners (easy push button)

not all of the canopy’s come with sides, must read the details. All come with a wheeled carrying case (rolls better than most) 

I am still using all of my canopies and refer them to everyone I meet.  I do many many festivals and my canopies are well used.  The color still looks good after two years.  I leave the top on the frame for storage, makes it faster to put up.

Thank you, Susan! I feel so much better about buying one. I read a lot of reviews but I wanted an insider's opinion. Blessings, Ann

How do they compare to EZ-UP Tents?
I am also buying my first tent, and the ABC and EZ-UP are comparable in price.
I do know that a strong with can bend the supports in an EZ-UP. Does the ABC have the same problem?

I would buy a "Undercover R-2" before n EZ up.  Big difference in structural integrity.

Quick question for those of you who have purchased from ABC Canopy, did you order direct from the company or through Amazon? It was cheaper to order from the company but I have received no shipping info, expected the tent last week and we're still waiting. 


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