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Help, please. The last time I posted here I was about to buy an enclosed trailer, which I did. Then that led me to try and invent ways to put 70+ large canvas pieces in one place and they not STICK, RUB, and DIMPLE each other. I have sizes ranging from 16x20 to 60x48, so its myriad of sizes. 

First I tried just wrapping the top in kraft paper so when they did lean on each other it wasn't paint on paint (fail), then I bought corner guards (they only work if two sizes the exact same size are next to each other). Yesterday I was delivering 20 large pieces I had sold to one buyer and two of the pieces (different) sizes leaned on each other and rub right thru the paper and rubbed paint off (embarrassing, had to bring them back home to fix). I installed 3 padded center supports down the middle of the inside, but art still wants to lean of course. 

Aluminum roof so I can't use addition supports without warping it. Maybe find large sheets of cardboard and stick in between... or use inflatable beach balls... ideas? 

And yes, its my fault. I'm usually in a hurry and don't have a plan when it comes to loading. I have the sticking issue at home also, so I've started spraying the back edge of canvases with spray fixative, since it seems the paint never seems to 100% dry back there. 

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Rick, I am not sure if this would be an ideal solution, but our gallerypouch bags are designed for transporting canvas artwork around without damage. They are made of bubble however, it is a special heavy duty bubble that is very difficult to pop and so they last for many shows over many years.

More info about our Gallery Pouch here:

I'll check it out. I tend to sell even my larger art for under $200 (48x48 is $200) so hopefully its affordable. Good idea though, I thought envelopes of this size wouldn't be possible. 

Try fabricating a track system made out of PVC "U" channel.


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