Has anyone had experience, good or bad, with the Sugarloaf crafts festival in Oaks / Philidelphia, PA. It is the Fall show 11/4 - 11/6/16

I've read the opinion from Mr. Hart.

Any other ideas?

It's a bit costly. Of course that is relative, if we do the numbers.

I'm trying to make a last minute decision.

Any thoughts would be welcome.

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  • We stopped in last year to check it. the Fine Arts were not selling well, seemed to be more crafts . Lots of food booths which were selling the most. Rather expensive show,$800-900! I did not choose to enter. glad to read Lynnette considered it worth while. Shows should have reduced entry fees for fine art otherwise they will soon all become craft shows.
  • I just did the show and posted a review


  • Interesting... I cannot find any current reviews of this show. Nor some of their others. Although I was accepted, I decided not to go into this show. However I'm curious to read honest, informative, reviews of it. Can't seem to find them anywhere?

    Anyone on these boards do it?

    • I live nearby and decided to do the Fall show at Oaks this year. It's coming up next week. I do fine art (contemporary animal art paintings). I live half and hour away so I figured I could give it a shot and see how it goes. Since it is indoors it's way less stress for me (weather, tent set up etc) so I am willing to take a chance on it. I'll let you know!

      • I look forward to your thoughts on it.

        If you don't want to reveal everything public, then just PM me a confidential report.


  • I did this show, once, in the spring of 2014.  For me it was my worst show in the last four years, financially.  I'm a wood turner and although I don't sell in quite the numbers as some artists, I average about $1000 per show day.  In Oaks I sold one piece for $145.  So you can imagine how much I lost considering gas, food, hotel, etc.  This particular show was not well attended either.  I have done George's show in Chantilly, Va. where the crowds are much larger.  

    As for Sugarloaf in general, I am doing my last one this December.  His prices are going too high for me relative to return on investment.

    • Thanks Chris, Judy, Tony.

      Now I'm getting a bit concerned. I have not found positive reviews of this event. As you & others have stated, fairly pricey with the hopes of a return on investment. Not a huge profit in my medium.
      I need the Fine Art venues for my type of work.
      Trying to compete with the photogs that are doing the small prints with premade / bought matts, selling for $25 is not an area I wish to pursue.

      Not that there is anything wrong with what they do, (premade mats & small prints) just not for me or what I want in the level I try to work within.
      • It is in a nice area and we did the show once, many years ago. After that it didn't fit into our schedule, there were others closer to home, not because we didn't sell well. Functional works best with the Sugarloaf shows, but we did them for many years because there wasn't much competition in fine art and did reasonably well, so weigh that into your decision. Pretty much though, if you live near, I'd do just what Chris said above.

        P.S. moved the discussion to this section ;)

        • I agree with Chris as to the value of checking a show out as a "viewer" first to do market research. Then attending at a later date.

          However I'm also of the mindset of not allowing opportunities to pass.

          As a photographer we learn to take the shot when we can, for it might not be available later. I tend to live that way also.

          I do now, whatever I can. Although costly it may be at times.

          Thanks for moving the discussion :-)

          • I too am a photographer.  Be prepared for company.  I visited the Sugarloaf show in Chantilly back in April.  There were only 17 photographers to share the pie.

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