Storage Problem Solved!

Unfortunately, I don't have a dedicated vehicle or trailer to store my display panels, canopy, and artwork between shows and . . . it's unlikely that will ever happen! Once I started doing art shows, the space in my house and garage has closely resembled the games I played as a kid where the little squares were moved around into the one open space. When I was preparing to load up for a show, I was spending my time gathering what I needed from three different rooms plus the garage then doing the reverse upon my return! It also meant going up and down the stairs numerous times not to mention the risk of forgetting something.

As I was returning from a holiday show last weekend (my last show for the year), I had an epiphany! Why not look into renting a small storage unit. Not only will it be written off as a business expense, it will improve my mental health so much that I feel the benefit will far outweigh any expense! 

I was able to rent a climate controlled 5' x 5' x 8' high unit which now stores everything I need for shows and more! I built two plastic shelving units (higher than I had normally done in my house) and have now successfully "moved in"! I am three units away from one of the doors which requires my unique security code to enter. The facility has three long carts available for customers to use right inside the door, and 24/7 security is provided. I was required to purchase a lock and insurance which were minimal and I was more than happy to do so.

I always load up the day before a show and know that once show time comes around next season, it will be much less stressful and should take a very short time. If I want to unload the night after the show, I can, but can just as easily make a run back to my unit the next day to put things away in an orderly manner when I'm not tired from tear-down and driving home.

I did my "homework" online before choosing this storage facility and while others were a shorter drive for me, I was impressed with all of the positive feedback from former customers and the cost. My facility is 8 miles round trip, so it is very convenient. Hope this helps those of you out there who are "up to the gills" in all the things needed for art shows.  

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  • Sounds like a terrific idea.  I have a small utility trailer that is just for my show set up so I store things in it.  It very important to have everything in one place so you don't forget and leave anything behind when doing shows far from home.  We are getting older and more forgetful, so having everything in one place is great.  I also like not having to load and unload.  Doing at the shows is enough for us without having to do it at home.  But we are fortunate enough to have space to part the trailer.  I also still have tons of things in the house for making my art.  I really do not think I could ever get the set up in here, too!  I do like that your storage is temperature controlled, though.  That is one thing my trailer doesn't have.  Doesn't seem to have hurt anything to date, but that would depend upon what you are selling.

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