I litterally just got out of my truck from returning from Mt Gretna, Pa Outdoor Art Show, it was my first time there and I was really impressed with the quality of art there, EXCEPT there was a booth with the dreaded stone birds.  I have art friends that do quality work theat told me they have never been able to get into Mt Gretna.  It is a Chautauqua (sp?) show that has patrons from as far as New Jersey and Philidelphia.  I can not believe the jury from a show this well known would be bamboozaled by an application by an "artisit" selling stone birds.  The more I see them the madder I get.

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  • Dean - I went to the show also with plans of applying next year.  I didn't realize that is what the stone birds looked like (I pictured birds carved out of stone....)  The only other space I saw that was questionable was a booth with "scarves"  They're actually just ribbon yarn.  I saw three booths of that stuff at the Patriot Arts Fest in Harrisburg. 

    • I hope you enjoyed the show, I do the fabricated steel and recycled wood pieces with wine theme. My tent was dark inside because i rented one and it was solid vynil and did not let in any light.  I will never rent a tent again, it probably cost me 20 to 30% in sales because people could not see my stuff.

  • what about the wood rocker people from Ohio?

  • Also the Hudson Valley  Wood Inlay people were there too.

    • I saw them also, their piecesa are nice, but your right, it is never the same "artist" at the shows.  It is a factory in some 3rd world country

  • So they probably have the metal parts made for them, then they just attach them to the rocks.

    • most definately and there seems to be a vendor at every show so it is some sort of franchise.

      • Whats sad about this is that on the website it shows him 'making' them.?  So one would assume they are hand made by the artist. 

        • He may have even come up with the idea, but it has turned into a buy sell franchise, the same "guy" is never at the show, someimes its a lady other times it's other guys, it is obvious it is like a traveling business where you take a territory and sell at the shows.  Just like the watch people.

  • I wondered what they looked like.  They aren't even attractive.  I could see if they cut into the stone to create wings or give it shape.  Do they sell well?

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