Hi, Has anyone done this show?  I couldn't find too many reviews on this show, but would like to know which section is recommended for booth location.  According to their website there are 3 options to pick and each location has a different price. 


Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.





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  • Hi Patty,

    I have done this show for the last 4 years and can give you some information.....

    There will be lots of people coming through for sure as long as the weather is good.

    I was in the 'Mill' district one year and there was a large windstorm and that is the area that sustained the most damage.  The big buildings right there somehow conduct wind.  I usually like to stay right on main street but the park area right when you walk into the show is nice too.  The other park area which is a little more inexpensive actually does not seem too bad but because I have not shown over there I just can't give you any advice about it. 

    This is one of my favorite shows to do.  I love the setting on the Mississippi and I even liked the old cars!  I know they were a distraction for the guys but they were cool....

    • Thank you Mary,


      Are all areas on grass? 

      • No.   I have done this show for a number of years...The father Hennipen park Area was the lower end crafts and commercial booths for years... the sale are slower... much of the traffic from the business district never makes it down that far.  The mill district is on the street and gets a fair amount of traffic but seems to attract storm destruction... A number of years ago a friday night storm wiped out this entire block and the following year this area was a severe wind tunnel.  I like the busniess district (street setup) and the park on the west end seems to be good as well.
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