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I'm begging at this point for someone to give me some direction as to how to figure out a step in my wordpress site.  As I posted earlier my web designer has disappeared leaving me with no-one to ask.  Larry Berman was kind enough to try and figure out my dilemma but it seems my guy had his own wacko way of setting things up that is unknown to anyone else! That means my website is virtually useless to me now.  If anyone if familiar with wordpress or knows how I can get help PLEASE contact me.  This was a big hit in my budget to do this and I'm sick knowing it may all be a waste. Thanks!

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Sara, I am of no help in this matter but I am so sorry you are having trouble.   Do you have any contacts for this sort of thing through local civic or social organizations where you live?  What I mean is, are there fellow members of local groups you are in that could provide help?  We have had help from a friend at church with some security system stuff at work and home.  It saved us a bit since this was a side job & we got some services for free/reduced rate.

Hi Sara,

That's a terrible story. Sorry that you are going through that.

Unfortunately it happens quite often online.  Even good, reliable designers get more work at higher rates as they get better, and then often walk away from earlier projects.  And of course, the shifty designers were bad to start with.  Of course, you don't really know who's who until you're deep in...

You probably won't like these suggestions but here's what I would tell you if you were one of my MasterMinds Forum members:

  1. Try to contact the designer again offering money.  An email that offers $50 or $100 in exchange for whatever files or passwords or documentation you might need may at least get a response.  Yes, it's throwing good money after bad but if it helps you save a larger investment, it may be worth it.
  2. If you want someone local as Sara suggests above, try looking on your local Craigslist under "GIGS".  People seeking work on small jobs often post their availability there.  Maybe you can find a Wordpress pro to dig into the site further for you and figure it out.
  3. Post a project on  That's a global network of freelance workers, all of whom are rated by a 1-5 stars scale by previous clients.  You can see other website design projects to get an idea of costs and then post your own request for bids, too.  You don't really need a local provider for an internet-based service and many of the providers who list themselves there are from other countries where the costs are lower, too.  
    You could post asking for someone to help detangle your current site and/or you could just start over.  (I'd guess that starting over would be more productive, although you could offer the new team access to as much of the previous files and design as you can to be helpful and reduce your costs.)
  4. Try designing your own website.  It's really not as hard as you think.  Wordpress dominates these days but it's not for everyone.  Easier to use platforms include services like,, and  Take a look at those to see if maybe you can just DIY.

I hope some of that is helpful.  Good luck!


thanks for responding Scott.  I appreciate the advice.  I don't think this even ranks as a small job.  It's just a question about a step I'm missing to create a link.  I'm glad to pay someone who knows the answer but it literally would take five minutes for someone who understands what i'm asking!

Sara, contact one of those experts Scott suggested. They are very inexpensive and they do know what they are doing. They are "experts." I have one I use often and they do quickie jobs for me for $5, not $50 --- I built my website but do not have wordpress expertise.

Hi Sara,

If your problem is as small as you suggest, then I'd recommend

For $5 people are on call for all kinds of things.

Here are Wordpress experts:

Let us know if that helps.



Thanks Scott!  I will give them a call this week!

Scott, Just an update.  I contacted Fiverr and have spent the last 24 hours going back and forth with a guy from India.  His responses were unintelligible but I kept trying to communicate.  His last response was "You need to how i did this, but i learn you i do it" What the hell?  I give up!  I'm afraid to say he didn't fulfill the order because he now has my password to my site and he may get mad and hack it.  I was worried the language barrier might be a problem but of the 19 responses I got ALL of them were Indian.  I'm ready to throw the computer out the door!  

The person I always use is Indian, Sara. But I've been having her do graphics work, not IT stuff. That may be the difference. It may be that is an Indian company. 

Please know I have nothing against Indians but when u don't speak computer talk like me it's tough to add another obstacle like a language barrier!

Ugh, what a pain.

Not sure how or what you did to get 19 responses but it sounds like you picked a loser unfortunately.  I would pay him the $5 and move on.

Next I would pick one yourself after doing some research.  Try filtering the vendors using the little checkboxes in the left sidebar.  You can check for "English" and "Top Seller" or "Level Two" only.

That should help improve the quality of the people whose listings you see.  I would read reviews of each person and browse their previous projects to help make sure they are real, too.

Fiverr is a marketplace (like eBay) not an Indian company, so, just like eBay, you want to check out the seller a bit before buying.



Thanks Scott.  I did check to see that they spoke English (apparently a different version!) I did pay him and signed off telling him the language barrier was just too hard.  Then I had to review him so told them he was fine but the language was a problem. I was trying not to make him mad.  I got a message from him saying he isn't happy with me.  I'm gonna change my website password!!! 

I'm gonna recommend it once again: FASO. It's $28 per month. Forget about all this WordPress stuff, create an easy to use and easy to update website and get on with your life. Tech help will be from Colorado or somewhere else close by. Not that there's any reason we shouldn't just forge ahead, overcome language barriers and communicate with as many people worldwide as we can.

Why did your original web designer jump ship anyway?


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