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Can anyone tell me about the West End Baptist church section of the St james court show... how does it compare with the others? thanks

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Hi Shelagh, I haven't done St. James, but, friends have and done WELL on Third St.  They said the people that set up at the church, do not go back.  I guess it's gated and doesn't get the foot traffic the rest of the show does.  Again, I have never done it, and this is what I was told. 
It's not gated. It is, however,  set back from the main streets of the show, so there is almost no reason for a customer to change direction and go in their parking lot. I walked through it (after hours) the last time I was there, so did not see it with customers around.

My son Lorne was also accepted into West End Baptist Church this year.  He (and I) are so excited!!!  Surely there is someone out there who has done this section before?  If there are people who walk past, I'm certain he will have enough sales to keep his confidence level up (he is still quite young, so he doesn't have to earn a living - just a little self-esteem) but honestly if there aren't people walking by, I think he will get discouraged.  Hoping someone out there has done this section.



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