Squirelly App Process?

Hi Everyone,

I was not sure where to post this so I hope the admin will move it if this is not in the correct place.


I have inquired 2-3 times about this event .... http://www.amerrymarketplace.com via facebook messaging in order to find out soemthing about fees.  Here is the merchant app page ... http://www.amerrymarketplace.com/merchant-application.  You will see that fees are still "being developed".  I am still a newbie compared to some of you but even to me thsi sounds squirelly, fishy or whatever you want to call it.  In almost 2 years of doing shows I have never come across an app--till now--where the fees were not laid out in black and white.  Would you even continue with this event since prices are not in full view?  I am getting a "gut check" about it, to leave it alone.


I feel my product would sell at a holiday/Christmas event.  My products make great gifts and something that can suit the 'hard to shop for' customer.  They also work for men or women, singles, couples or families.


If the promoters/organizers are on this list I hope they will speak up and explain why it's this way.  I have sent an email in one last attempt to find out something as I have that weekend free an would like to book it if possible.


Thanks for any insights.

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  • I just looked to see if they updated their website with the fees.  Short, and only, answer .... NO.

    I also saw this ..... "The arena has been mapped into 10' deep booth spaces."  No where does it say how wide the booths are.  One might "assume" 10 feet.  However, we know what happenes when we assume.  There is only one photo on the site (from up above the booths) and it's hard to tell how wide the booths are.  They could be only 8' across.

    Anyway, I am not applying.

    • Very right Chris!! Circular File!! And Cynthia, I always listen to my instincts on these issues. If I don't have all the information, and get the run around in trying to get said info, I walk away. After letting them know that info needs to be clear, upfront and COMPLETE, before they get my business and personal information. 

      • Yes, I did tell them I had to know the booth fees before I could decide if it was financially feasible for me to apply.  The distance to the venue is not an issue, only 2 hours.  I would have only 1 night in a hotel, between the 1st and 2nd day.

        All that said, I believe a 62% increase in booth fees in 2 years' time is too steep.  I could understand something along the lines of COL (cost of living) but inflation is not riding that high even given the current economy!

        All the other shows I've applied to have applications, rules/regs, etc. all in a printable and/or downloadable format so that you can sit and read it at your leisure with a fine tooth comb.  I hope that they do the same for future events.

  • The application is a contract. And I never sign a contract without all the information included. That app goes in the circular file.

    • I did get this reply ......


      Thank you for bringing it to our attention that the fees were not posted on the website.  I spoke with you over the phone a few weeks ago.  The process is you submit your application, once approved, then we send you a link that list the booth fees and you then process your payment electronically.  We will also accept checks via us mail.  We are happy to provide that information to anyone that asks by phone or email.  We certainly apologize if we overlooked answering your questions prior.
      10x10 =$325.00
      If you are interested in booth space, please fill out an application.
      While waiting on a reply I was looking for reviews of their show online.  In the process I found out their 2012 price for a 10x10 was $200.  If I figured out right, that is a 62% increase in their boboth price in 2 years.
      I am still gonna pass.  I still think it's hinky, sneaky or whatever you want to call it when fees are not posted up front, especially at this point in the game.  And this is their 3rd year so it's not like it's their first time around the block.
  • Here is what I sent to them ....

    I had contacted you via facebook messenger a few days ago about whether any 10x10 booths were still available.  At the time you asked if I personalize on site and I did send a response.  I have not heard back from and am wondering about the booths and fees.  I could not find any booth fees listed anywhere on your website or facebook page.
    Thanks in advance.


    And what I received from them ....

    Did you complete the application?

    The Merchant Chairman (Julie) will then contact you.
    I'm the Marketing Chairman (Janice).
    On their website ...
    • Each applicant for booth space is reviewed for quality, uniqueness and sales potential in the show.
    • To apply, each applicant must submit a completed Merchant Application, including booth fee and photos of the merchandise to be offered. 


    All italics and bold are my emphasis.  No where on their site are fees listed but they want merchants to apply and pay fees not knowing what it will cost?  Yeah.  Right.
    Here is the last thing I sent ...
    No, I  have not filled out the application.  I was hoping that booth fees would have been posted by now so I could make a decision about whether it was financially feasible for me to apply.  Quite honestly, I have never had to apply to an event before without knowing the booth fees up front.  Possibly it was an oversight that the website was not updated with current information about the fees?

    I do not apply to shows or other events without the financial information up front.  Due to the lack of forthcoming financial information I will not be applying as a vendor.  If you publish financial information on your website I would be happy to reconsider.
    Have any of you seasoned professionals ever applied anywhere without the financial information up front, in black and white?
    • I looked at the link you sent...you fill out the online form, and then they send you more information and a link to pay your fee to. Personally, I would listen to your instincts on this. If they can't be upfront about the costs, then they wouldn't get my $$$!!

      • Oh, Karole, I have definately decided to pass unless they post their fees on their website.  It does seem kinda sneaky, doesn't it?  I told dh this evening that any reputable organizer or promoter would publicly post any and all fees.

        I feel they are leaving their fees up to the feeling of the day or the way the wind is blowing.  Even if they had one fee for first timers and gave a discount to returning artists/vendors to encourage them to return, I don't have a problem with it .... just post it for goodness sakes!

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