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Hello everyone!  

I tried to research the topic within the website but a lot of the discussions are from years ago. Still informative I'm sure. 

I did my first Art Show 3 years ago, and, as part of the prep, I got myself a Square Credit Card reader, got it all set up and everything seemed fine. A few times here and there I had to swipe the customers card several times but other than that it has worked fine. 

I work in an MD office and my bosses allow me to have some unframed art pieces at my work station, and I've sold many pieces, again, using my Square Reader. Now, our office does NOT have WiFi so sometimes I have to point my phone towards a window to get it to read. 

Couple of months ago, I had 2 sales, not big ones mind you, but days later I still had NOT gotten the emails that let me know that funds have been transferred. Well, I tried to figure out what the heck was happening and at one point my Square app said "Transfer funds now". I click on that but it responds with "Not able to transfer funds at this time." Digging further, on the Square website it says they need more information on me to "review my account". One line item said "download gov't forms" What the heck is this??!  

I am upset over this, I even messaged them from their website, they responded weeks later with the same song & dance, (they need more info on me to review my account), the email even had my Customer Code #, I called the ph# on the email, and it says INVALID customer code#!!  This email said that I can still take credit card payments but they will NOT be transferred "until after review". 

I just saw my hair stylist today and he's had the same Square Acct for 10+ years and NEVER a problem. If anyone can give me some insight into this fiasco, I would sure appreciate it. Thanks for reading.   CATHY

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  • I am not the most tech savvy, but I have been using square for several years now with no problems. When I first started with square, I heard some stories like this, and for some reason, don't remember, assumed that it happened from hooking on to someone else's wifi.  I have my own data plan so I have never had to do that.

    • Thanks for the reply Judy. Its interesting though, your comment about the wifi. Per my initial posting, my office does NOT have wifi and all this time, have never had a problem. Another thought, I heard, or read, SOMEwhere that maybe this is happening because one of the sales was with a AMERICAN EXPRESS card. 

      • Hmm. Do you have your own data plan, or do you point to a window to pick up on someone else's?  The problems that I had heard about in the past were from people that had no data plan on their phone, and no wifi. We are out at a show on the street and they were hooking into someone else's network, such as a nearby business. 

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