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I got a question on a comment I made about how I enter items and prices on the iPad for selling my photography.  Thought I would post the email that I sent.  If you have other tips lets share.


Let’s see if I can explain this clearly.

You need to add each of the images/items you want to sell manually one at a time to the inventory section.  This frankly is a pain in the posterior.  This is done in the items section of the account page. I put a simple description, same in both of the text blocks and I don’t enter a price.  That’s why I said the item has a zero price.

When you ring up a sale I scroll through the image pages I have.   You will see at the bottom there is a $ sign and then the typical multi page dots.  Find the image and select it.  This will enter it on the page.

Now go back to the $ page.  Enter an amount for the print and click Add.  The screen should look like this.  First the item, then the price, another Enter Amount line, then sales tax.  If the deal is correct click the charge button.

On the iPad you can’t enter a description for the $ sign item.  On the iPhone you don’t have the item inventory but you can add the description.  The iPhone also lets you take a photo, of say the print and customer holding their new purchase, and attach that to the receipt.  Maybe someday they will harmonize the 2 and you can take photos with the iPad and add descriptions.

At some point they may have a way to add items through an upload.  That would be sweet since then you could have your multiple sized prints, each with a price.  Downside, as in everything, is that you can’t easily override the price nor do they offer a discount item or entry that you could do something there.

So for right now this allows me to have the image and total control of the price.

Let me know if this makes sense or you have any questions.





























Gary Haynes


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