Does anyone have any info on Springfest in Ocean City, Md? I'd like to pick up a May Show but a 4 day 12 hour show could be a dream or a nightmare depending on the show. They claim a "200 Best" from Sunshine Artist but I can't find any reference to it online outside of their own publicity. . .

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  • I did the SpringFest Show about 4 years ago (I think). When I did it, I only sold my least expensive earrings. Back then, I didn't have high end earrings & necklaces. The traffic was only interested in whimsical & fantasy items, or, items with price points under $20. I had a wonderful woman across from me doing painted sea crabs, shells, etc., she had a fantastic show. The photographer next to me, who did underwater art (I must say art, because his photographs were full of great composition & color), only did fair--but this was a stop-over between shows for him. I heard that the fall show was better. We walked it about 2 years ago, and found that things had not changed from the spring show. If you are a 'crafter' or what some call 'loving hands'-this is a great show for you to do----otherwise, just walk away.
  • Hi Liz,

    I had exactly the same question last year as I planned a June trip (coming from Florida).  So I visited both shows and talked with a number of artists (some of whom I knew from the FL circuit):

    * Springfest (in May)/ Sunfest (in Sept.) is a huge, huge show, with amazing attendance.  It's not just an arts show, it's a lollapalooza of a boardwalk carnival event with entertainment as well as arts and crafts.  The artists who do best there (per their statements to me) are those who sell:

    *  CARRY-ABLE, impluse-buy products;

    * Fun, whimsical stuff;

    * Low price points ("impulse-priced")

    Fine 2-D art worked well for one PA-based entertaining charcoal artist I spoke with at length who had a beautiful display of his drawings and portraits.  He did well, he said, mainly because he's from the area and used the show as a marketing tool to book private sessions; he didn't expect to sell much of the work on hand (and didn't care).  Another said she did well because she offered delivery.  (Remember, customers have to take a shuttle to and fro from the show, and it's not a short ride from the boardwalk to the bus pickup points.)  Some good friends of mine, a husband/wife team, are photographers who specialize in low-price notecards and small (6x9/8x10) photos framed in distressed frames.  They do a killing at this show. 


    The display areas are a number (3, I think) of cavernous tents.  Your booth space is set up in a wooden pre-framed structure that barely accommodates a typical 10x10 tent frame. (Most told me a display designed for indoor shows works better than the frame of your Trimline.)  The staff were helpful, I was told, but the load-in takes awhile because of the logistics.  Everyone sets up the day before. 

    For what it's worth, I'm a 2-D artist (photographer) who sells lots of large canvases.  I opted NOT to do either.

    Hope this helps! 

    • Thank You! You confirmed my fears. This is not an easy pick up show. Thanks for doing the legwork and your helpful insights!
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