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Last year I was thinking about applying to this show but I had other commitments for that weekend so I figured I'd apply this year. I was just checking out the application and the increase in booth fees took me a bit by surprise. I'd like to give this show a try but $425 seems a bit heafty from what I can tell about this show. Anyone else with experience at this festival? I'm an oil painter and I'd be traveling from Portland. What's the weather in Spokane like that time of year, any better than Portland :)? If I don't apply I may drive up this year and check it out.

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  • Lisa - for your medium you might want to check with Sheila Evans, she did pretty well last year, but she's local so doesn't have the time/expense for travel.  What we saw last year was the typical mixed results.  See my blog from last year for a few more details.  Also, weather last year was perfect, everyone seemed surprised because most years there is some rain.  Having grown up in Spokane I know the weather can be unpredictable in June.


    • Thanks Ruth- I guess I have about a week to think about it.


      • Hi Ruth & Lisa,

        I have Spokane as a possible on my list this year, too. I'm really on the fence. I will try Coeur d'Alene for sure, but maybe just that one this year. After last year was so slow for me, I'm a little gun-shy.

        • Steph - we noticed we saw a lot of the same shoppers in the Spokane and CDA shows, as well as Sand Point ID.  If you're only going to do one of the three shows I would choose CDA, less likely to have rain at the beginning of August vs. the beginning of June in Spokane. Load in/out is easier in tha tyou can drive right to your booth, both Spokane and Sand Point require hand trucking through a park and the distance you have to haul everything depends on your luck in obtaining a parking spot close to your booth.  Sand Point you won't know booth location until you check in so you it doesn't do a lot of good to arrive early to secure a parking spot only to find out your booth is on the other side of the park.  Personally, I like all 3 shows but hope to take a year off of all of them to try some new shows, we've done 7 shows in that area over the past 3 years and we're getting too many "saw you at xyz show and bought this, love it" but walk away without buying anything new.  It's not a real big market so we're thinking we need to take a year off of that area.

          • There are so many other shows the same weekend as CDA to choose from. It seems like all the shows are the first weekend in Aug.

            I found last year I sold better at shows where I wasn't coming back to the area. I hate the question "are you going to be at xyz show?" It allows the buyer to put off the purchase. It's nice to be able to honestly tell them that if they want it better buy it now or it will cost an additional $90 shipping.

            • I'm going to apply to Anacortes & also CDA and see what I get into. Anacortes is quite a bit closer, but trying a show a bit farther might give me a new batch of customers. I'll watch for you, Lisa - it would be fun to meet.

              Ruth, are you off to the South pretty soon?


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