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I did a small show in upstate New York this past weekend and witnessed something I don't see very often anymore.

On Saturday everyone was doing well in sales and as usual at small shows, we get to know our neighbors. Well, two exhibitors across the aisle from me became friends almost as soon as they arrived. One was alone and the other was a husband and wife.

On Sunday one of them didn't show up at the normal time. The show started and she still hadn't arrived, so her neighbor told the promoter. He contacted her and found out her van had broken down on the way and she wouldn't be there until she could rent another van.

Here's what good people are all about. Her neighbor's husband opened her tent and manned her booth until she arrived at about 12:30. He treated her work as if it was his own and talked to the customers as if he was the artist. And he made sales for her.

It reminded me why I still do this. There was no "competition" between the exhibitors, just a camaraderie of friends both new and old, doing what we enjoy doing.

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Awesome story!  I love it!  That is the artist's twist on the good Samaritan.  He helped where he was, as much as he could.  Heart warming.

There are a lot of really good people in this world and it is always great to hear about them and especially meet them...

Where was the show?  We are from PA and do many in New York and NJ.  I know you do Chester and it is a favorite of ours too.  Sara is a wonderful person and got to know her and her husband well. 

This show was at Eagle Mills in Broadalbin, NY about an hour west of Saratoga.

I have two promoters that are at the top of my list. Neither will play favorites and won't put up with any baloney, yet will do what they can to accommodate the exhibitors. Jim and Sara Burnett and Castleberry fairs.

So great to hear such a nice story.  There still are good people out there!


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