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Anyone using the fabric softwalls from Flourish? Not the mesh walls but the colored ones that fit over the mesh.

I'm interested in what your experience is, how pleased you are, how you attach your price tags. Really, any experience you have. 

I won't be using them to hang art - I hang from the top pole - but to cover up the white mesh walls which I find to be too white.


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I believe your terminology might be different than what is used by Flourish. "Softwalls" refers to the double-walled mesh that they make. One side is mesh and the other side is a more tightly woven material so that it is a double thick material and you can hang off either side. I believe what you are speaking about is the "covers". They are what goes over top of grid walls, such as the Graphic Display Panels.
I have had both types. The type that is just mesh and also the type that are called Soft walls. I have never used the covers which is what I think you are asking about.

Larry - you're right. I think Flourish calls these their ProGallery Covers - they attach to the mesh walls. I like the ease with which the mesh walls go up - but hate the white and want to add a more elegant gray.

Have you ever seen, in person, the Flourish "Black Softwalls"?

They look great to me. The comparison to the White is night and day. 

The Black look classy, Gallery look. I have received a lot of compliments on my booth, with them. If you like the setup ease of the White, then look into the Black. They are not just a different color. They have a second wall attached. Different material on the second wall. Cuts the light seepage, way down Yet installs the exact same way as the White.


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