shows in April and May

Hi All


Does anyone know of any good shows on the east coast in April and May. We are silver and goldsmiths and typically travel from New Jersey through Virginia. We did hear of a good show in Asheville NC in the spring but can't seem to locate that information.


Thanks, any help is appreciated

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  • I just had an excellent show at Appel Farm, in Elmer, NJ.  It's the first Saturday in June.  I lucked out with cool temperatures.  Not everyone does well there, so if you have to travel far, it may not be worth the trip.  I live about 20 minutes away so I do the show every year.  You can set up on Friday.  It's an easy set up, many can keep their vehicles behind their booth and parking is very close so you can easily get extra stock.  The best part is the booth fee.  It is a music festival and they gave us one helper pass and 2 guest passes this year, so you can bring friends.
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