• The two foot sections and slender bar sound like the awning supports. Zip awning on and put bar in sleeve add 2 ft sections and fit in bar ends
  • The long pole is the spreader bar, goes from top end rafter to the other end under the middle rafters. Put on when you are putting rafters on before top. Stabilizes top
    • Thanks Phillip...I finally figured that last night. I added a bolt in the middle to keep it from slipping back. But there are two 2' poles and two rings with keys plus a telescoping slender pole about 10 ft' after extended out. This one has two end angle irons ;one female and one male. I presume it is to support a porch awning at the entrance. This canopy is a real sweet tool I think. All aluminum and light as a feather. I made 4ea. 4"x30" PVC weights with eyebolts on a cap at each end and a platform at the other end today. Filled them with concrete.

      • Thanks again for your help and considerate advise Phillip. 

  • Good luck, the first time I set mine up I wanted to take a hammer to it. It has to be set up just so or it will drive you crazy. The instructions remind me of early imports where English is a second language. Drawings by a six year old. Once you figure it out it works well.
    • Thanks for your reply Phillip. I have managed to figure out everything enough to set up the frame and overhead cross sections. But there are pieces left over; a 10 ft. or more extension tube and two 3 ft. tubes plus the thumbscrew collars. The diagram appears to show these going across the top of the bowed pieces but I can't see how it helps the frame. Hope I can get it going today because the show is next week.

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