Made in Clearwater, Florida, the SHOWOFF Canopy can be seen at art shows, fairs, and festivals across North America. Durable, strong, and reliable, the SHOWOFF Canopy is the best choice for professional artists looking for a canopy that will serve them and properly showcase their art for years to come.

New, these sell for $3218 with this list of options

  • All components are made in the USA
  • The arch is designed with minimal framework making it feel roomy and conducive to looking at artwork.
  • The SHOWOFF Canopy is designed to shed rainwater off the sides of the canopy and away from the entrance.
  • The frame is made of 100% lightweight aluminum and has only 16 major frame components.
  • The SHOWOFF Canopy top is made out of a heavy-duty vinyl, which is lightweight, durable, strong, easy one-person setup and fits in 2 carry bags.
  • Includes:
  • Standard 10 x 10 canopy with lightweight aluminum frame ($2,870 value)
  • Standard vaulted-roof sheds water to the sides
  • Standard 4 zippered side walls
  • Standard center zippers on front and rear walls
  • Premium carry bags
  • Optional 2-foot awning with support bars ($258 value)
  • Optional 3-panel art display walls ($640 if purchased separately)
  • Optional leg weights

Assembly instructions, parts and accessories available at


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  • Sounds good. Will send it tomorrow 

  • Ken,

    I just realized that Monday is a Holiday and we are off. We can definitly do it on Monday. Please send me an invoice as outlined below and make sure you add all your contact information. Once I recieve the invoice, I will make a down-payment.



  • Are you available Monday? We have plans for Sat/Sun but I'm off work on Monday.

    Carole's venmo is carole-murchison. Let's do half on deposit to hold and deliver please.

  • 10509687097?profile=RESIZE_930x

  • I think Asheboro is about halfway. There is a Walmart off Hwy 64. The address is 1226 E. Dixie Dr, Asheboro NC 27203. I can meet you there Wednesday or Thursday morning or afternoon. Friday all day. I would prefer cash or my wife also has a Venmo account. The bags are 6 1/2 feet long so a SUV is a good idea. Everything is in the 3 bags except the 4 leg weights

  • Hi Ken,

    That sounds fair so its a DEAL!

    1) When would you like to meet to make the exchange.
    2) Where would you suggest we meet?
    3) What form of payment do you accept?
    4) Do I need an SUV to fit the three bags shown in the last photo? Is everything in the bulleted list in those three bags?



  • Hi Dawn.

    How about we both meet halfway? I will deliver halfway to charlotte and meet you in the middle on price at $1350

    best, Ken

  • Thanks Ken,

    I found a rental out of Asheville and may consider that avenue. However, I am still interested at $1,200 and if you are willing to meet me half way from Charlotte.

  • Hi Dawn

    Thank you for your interest. Based on what I'm seeing though, this is a very fair price - there are other Showoff canopies listed for more. And considering how these hold their resale value, you'll get your money back. Let me know soon though, I don't expect it to last long at this price. 
    best, Ken

  • Hi Ken,

    I am definilty interested. Would you take $1200 for everything and my husband and I can pick it up this coming weekend? We will drive to Raleigh.

This reply was deleted.