Hi all.  I recently purchased a Trimline tent and am trying to find a better way to store everything in my 4’ x 6’ trailer.  After three shows, we’re already tired of just throwing everything on top of everything else - not just the Trimline, but all the other accoutrement that we have to bring.  Of course, we always get home and find we need that one item that’s on the bottom and have to empty and refill the entire thing.

We have an idea for how to best handle all the poles and legs, but would love to see what other, more experienced, art fair insiders have come up with.

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  • This is my 5x8 trailer before and after. I also have a Trimline set up. The panels are of my own construction but to ProPanel specs for size. I did the complete interior with 2x2's and OSB attached to the ribs of the trailer. I designed it so I can remove the poles without moving anything else. The artwork (framed photographs) are in the custom built boxes and slide on the carpet. One the upper right is the frame of the canopy with sta-bars and the left are the awning poles. The light bars are designed to attach to the poles (broom handles!) that are the same size as the Trimline light bar. They are secured with velcro strips just in case! They remainder of the space is filled with print bin, desk, cart, chairs, and weights.2783362030?profile=RESIZE_710x1062824015?profile=RESIZE_710x

    • Wow, thanks Tim.  That sure looks like it works well.  I may have to borrow a few of your ideas.  ;-)

  • I haven't worked it out yet, but I took photos of the very organized van a neighbor artist had..2758347955?profile=RESIZE_710x2758343038?profile=RESIZE_710x

    • Thanks Nancy.  My first idea was to build a floor about 6" - 8" off the bottom of the trailer so we could slide all the poles underneath, but still not sure what to do about the rest.  The cubbies here and the foam-encased poles are good ideas.

  • Hello,

    Sorry, no photos, but yes, 2-cents... measure all your things and custom-design spaces for each... you'll end up packing a lot less air that way, and your things won't be rolling or sliding in transit.  Good Luck.

    --Chris Fedderson

  • I hope you get many replies. I just bought a 5x8 trailer and wondering how to set it up also.

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