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I'm seeking someone interested in selling a gently used LED light setup for use at shows.

Dave Buerger

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I have one I designed.

It is used but very gently.

It will run fine off of a deep cycle battery ro it can be run from 110Vac.

What tyoe of tent are you using?


I will wait in line for Dave to reply....

I'm also in the market for a LED Light set-up.  I'm using a 10x10 Trimeline 8' Canopy tent.  If you have pictures, please send.  

Gerome Bonner  


I posted the photos in this thread.

The trimeline would need either a lightbar pole or some sort of support, as I mentioned in my comments about the crafthut.

Or you could easily modify the tubes to be able to support the entire length. 

I did not make any sort of brackets ot hang it as all I ever needed were a couple of velcro straps.


Pictures in thread.

Specifications in thread.

Spoke with Dave.  I'm awaiting his reply.


Tent = CraftHut  (many years old and frame made of VERY heavy steel)

Could you please send me a photo of your setup?


I will try to see if I have the photos. Normally, when I do my booth shots, I deliberately crop out, the ceiling and lighting. 

I'm not doing any booth shows, very soon (happily). Only galleries, currently. Therefore I wont be doing a setup.

I'm currently looking to see if I have photos of it.


For the Crafthut, you may have to figure how to hang the tubes. I'm not sure, as I have never used a crafthut. The tubes would need some sort of support approx each 4' or 5'. They are extremely lightweight but would sag a bit in the middle if only supported at the tent ends.

Could easily be modified.

Here are photos of the lights, in use, at a show. this was in my pop-up (undercover) tent.

As you can see it is almost unnoticeable, in the framework. I used to just hang it in the roof framework. Or it can be hung under the framework with a few velcro straps. I have to look back at my specs. so don't hold me too it... but I think I used 5000K and output around 6600 lumens. Great for lighting. The LEDS are continuous along the tubes. I stopped the lights (but continued the tubes) approx. 20" from the rear wall. That way they are self supported. All wires are internal. Then I root them through a white wrap at the rear and down to the power source. I used two dimmers, and ran them as two groups, so I could selectively dim areas. Everything is easily quick plug & play. Plugs are polarized so no mistakes are made. Although the lights are 12VDC they can be run AC or DC with a simple Voltage inverter. I just hook them up to a marine battery. very easy to aim, directionaly. This setup did all three walls.

Entire system collapses down in a couple of minutes. I put it in a thick cardboard tube measures 5' long x 4" round.  Extremely light weight. Can be carried with one hand.

The photos are the same except I placed arrows in the second one to show the light tubes, otherwise they would not even be seen.

I've always used a Craft Hut. They are tanks. Good in bad weather. For lights, I usually run a track across the front bar facing in. I use zip ties and Gorilla tape. Nobody sees it because it is facing in. Something I may try, because I just thought of it is running a track along the stretcher bar that goes along the middle of the booth. If I did that, I think I would tape or zip tie the ends of the stretcher bar to the pvc. It's never happened, but, I wouldn't want the whole thing crashing down in a heavy wind.

As my medium is Photography. I want lighting that is effective on my walls (for hanging artwork) as well as the best K range, lumens and angle. Using the best angle and type of bulbs reduces reflections from the glazing. That is how I designed this system.  On my trimline, I attach to the lightbar.

As to people not seeing the lights, in your setup, wont they see them or be blinded by them, when they are in the booth and turn around.

Mine are directional and can be set to aim at the walls, without ever being in the customer's eyes.

It depends on what your medium is. How you need to display. How you desire to light the artwork.

Larry:  I have a couple of questions.  (1) how many actual lamps are there in the setup?  (2) do you know the total actual wattage?  Not the effective to incandescent wattage.  (3)  What are you asking for it? and (4) where do you live...will you ship?


(If you prefer to be more private, you may phone me at 863-207-0776)

I made this using:

The carrier is PVC, non-conductive and weatherproof.

For the lights, themselves I used strips. Here are the specs:

ISA Approved, RoHS Compliant, UL Listed

Weatherproof IP66

LED Type 5050 SMD

LED Lifetime 30,000 hours (if you ran them for 10hrs/day did 30) 2 day shows / year – they would only last for 50 years)

18 LEDs/Ft

180° angle (although I made the carrier to be more directional).

Operating temperature -25~+60 °C (-13~+140 °F)

Voltage 9~14.8 VDC

Approx. Current Draw @ operating voltage 4185 mA

Approx. Power consumption 81 Watts (maybe less, I don't remember exactly how much length of LEDs I made in it)

5,700K spectrum

Approx. 4,560 Lumens ( I may have been wrong in my earlier estimate of 6,600)

The wiring is outdoor grade. Outdoor, polarized, quick disconnect connectors.


The dimmers:

Not necessary / optional.

They are not really outdoor rated however I mount them in my booth and have no problem at all. I just mount them with velcro, on the corner post.

Power source:

If you choose a marine deep cycle battery – they can clamp on.

If you choose a 117VAC then I use a power inverter.


I would have to take it out and remeasure, however I think I made it approx. 24' total lighting length.

Longer with tubes.

The lights themselves run approx. 8' foot front to back x 2 walls and 8' side to side for rear wall. This is an estimate. It lit up my artwork very nicely.


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