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It may still be true, but the Sedona Arts Festival has space available for its show next weekend. Set up for show is October 6 and show is October 7-8, 2017. I'm just passing along the message that came to us a few weeks ago. We're in the show and the director sent out the notice to all in the show that they have had a lot of cancellations and thus need to fill some space. Contact the show for details.

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Is this a concern to you as a vendor that there are so many cancellations? Just curious as I have this show on my "try someday" list.

It's a concern since it seems that there would be more artists on a wait list who could fill the spots. A review from last year on AFI said the show was good for the reviewer. And Sedona is an affluent area. But this year the show decided to add a gallery type juried show to attract more artists to do only that or to give artists an alternative to doing a booth. The bottom line with that is there's a commission on sales with proceeds going to their fundraiser. So they'll be competing with the booth show, really. We'll just have to see how this all goes. I'm more concerned now that the weather forecast says 90 on Saturday. And up the hill in Flagstaff it will be just 75. YIKES!

Good points - thank you! We'll just see how it goes with that format competing with booths.

hi Lisa, was the show good for you in other years? Doing the Albuquerque show this coming weekend, same as Sedona, but perhaps next year?

I've never done this show. As I mentioned above, it's on my "someday" list as it seems like the right market.

Hi Barrie,

was the show good for you in other years? Doing the Albuquerque show this coming weekend, same as Sedona, but perhaps next year?

"The Albuquerque show"? Weems Artfest is no longer a show. So what's the official name of the show you are doing?

This is my first time in Sedona.

Good luck with your first time there! The Albuquerque show is officially called the 'Rio Grande arts & crafts festival"

Good luck to both of you!

Hi Barrie, I'm doing the show and I have a booth. I did it last year and it poured rain all day Sat then I had solid sales on Sunday making it really just a one day show. So I decided to give it another try this year and hopefully the weather will cooperate. I don't think 90 is all that hot there-I remember it as hot and dry and very sunny (no shade as it is on a high school field) on the day when it wasn't raining. Anyway, safe travels and see you there!


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