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I am applying for the st james court art show, yet there are 4 distinct sections to the show. I am ignorant of the show layout, certain parts of a show usually have a flavor, or focus, if you will. I make contemporary aluminum wall pieces.; which section(s) should I be considering? 

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I am in the Belgravia section for the last 4 years and I LOVE it.

thanks Lynn, how does that section compare to the others? classical, contemporary, more painters/jewelers than other sections? price point?

It is a nice variety and high class, Connie runs a tight ship! No questionable artists allowed there. My prices are $35.00 to $450.00. Set in the middle section between the gorgeous Victorian homes with lots of trees. Some of the home-owners open their homes for the artists for restroom use, coffee, snacks et al. This is all my experience and opinion.

Mark, in case you don't get enough answers here to help you make a decision, put "St. James" in the search box on this site. You'll find piles and piles of info. Because it is such a large show it has been reported on by all kinds of artists. I dare you to do the search ...

thank you Connie quite a bit of discussion as you said, some of it a bit dated. I will read through

I know ... rude to ask you to search. Sorry. We did St. James for 26 years. Always on St. James Court. I think it is the most accessible and solid traffic. There is also a very recent review of the show at our site that may be helpful.

not at all Connie thank you for pointing me to the recent reviews

I can help you with this one, Mark. There are 4 different shows on 4 different streets. 3rd Street, Fourth Street, St James Court, and Belgravia. The three numbered streets are parallel to each other. Belgravia is perpendicular to the three streets. So, it's much like an H. People tend to like where they are at. I prefer St James Court. I've done 4th street before it was repaved. It depends on ones perspective. I don't find this to be a show with high class work. It's a clear step down from Cherry Creek or Ft Worth. That's not saying that there isn't top of the line artists there. There is. There are, also, a lot of trinkets and bad painting. I've done it for a few years. Most of my business is repeat business. Everyone thinks their show has the best work. I can't speak for 3rd Street because I've never been over there. I think St James Court has the best artists. In reality, they are all pretty similar in quality.

I usually couple this show with the Tennessee Craft show, TACA, which is a week later. This year is going to interesting because of all the early good shows postponing until September and October. There may be better shows on the same weekend this year.

The best part of these shows is that the people who live in the houses on the street treat the artists very well. They make food for artists, let them use their bathrooms, make purchases, and let them take breaks and hang out. A lot of people on the committees live in those houses. It's a unique situation.

Thank you Barry, sorry for not replying earlier, believe it or not I was actually busy in the studio for a few days, rebuilding some fixtures (something I usually don't have time to do).

Thank you for the info on the various sections. Also, thanks for the heads up on the Tennessee Craft Show, I will try to find their application on Zapp

Thank you, Barry, for those details.  We participated in the show for over 25 years. For many reasons, of course, it was the friendliest show, most repeat customers, helpfulness of the neighbors, probably that we ever did. Parking is at a premium Because the density of the housing and the population, no urban wasteland here. . We had the same space for many years and the people who owned it moved their own cars away during the show so we could park behind their house. We also used their bathrooms, hooked into their electricity and they invited us to their parties and Brought us customers. If you get into the spirit of it, Saint James is quite fun to do. Oh, one of their slogan is “drink beer, buy art.” Louisville is a great town.


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