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This is related to the thread “Scam Alert: Email...”

I did not want to hijack the thread so here is a new one.

Think of the irony.

You pay for a landline phone service.

A bunch of unwanted calls received, so you by a voicemail machine, to screen calls.

Then due to unwanted calls you pay for an unlisted number (yes, pay extra to NOT have it printed in the phone books).

Then you pay more for a “private line”.

Still all those calls so you pay for caller ID (remember the separate box for caller ID).

Too many unwanted calls, so, eventually you pay for a cell phone. (it came with caller ID)

Too many unwanted calls, so you pay for more and more minutes, until you go to an unlimited calling plan.

Getting so many unwanted calls you rarely answer the cell phone call unless it is a local number.

Calls start filling up your voicemail service. So you pay for more storage.

More unwanted calls so you pay for a program / service to screen out “robocalls”.

You give up and just use email.

You have already changed email accounts three times due to unwanted emails.

You pay for more storage.

Now, you pay for a upgraded filtering software to reduce the spam / scam mails.

Furthermore you pay for greater bandwidth to handle the greater use of your network connection.

We do all this because “the phone companies, post office and ISP's cannot stop or reduce the spam & scam contacts” DO YOU REALLY BELIEVE THIS???

The physical mail, email, landline calls, cell phone calls, ISP's are all benefiting from this. The ones doing the sending are using these services from these type of companies, so those companies are making money from them. You, the recipient are paying these companies also.

What incentive do they have to stop it? Do you think the US Postal service loses money on mass marketing mail?

Solution???? Consumers control the markets in this country. So...

Take action, write & speak with your service providers. Tell them you will stop the service with them if they do not take action. Then if they don't, shut that service. Plenty of other options.


join the winning team...

become a scammer or spammer. Good money, plenty of suckers out there. Us artists make good feeding grounds. :-)

Brought to you by the CSA ( Cynics Society of America )

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