Sale without a price

It might be nice to institute a rule.

If someone is going to list an item for sale, on this site. They MUST list a for sale price.

Too many times people list an item. They may even list what they claim to have paid for it. But they do not list what they are asking for it.

Even the "make an offer" is better than nothing.


No sale price = No listing.

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  • This certainly sounds like a reasonable request. Can you imagine going to the super market and finding that there are no posted prices?

    • At least, at a supermarket, we can quickly ask an employee. The same can be accomplished at an Art Show. 

      However, on this site it takes time and far more effort just to find out an asking price.

      It takes no effort to type a few more characters, when creating the posting.

      Very different than selling artwork.

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