I recently moved to ProPanels, and one question I have involves sales tags.  This is the kind of thing I always do at the last minute, and would like something a little more professional this season.  I'm thinking about some plastic sales tag holders with a bit of velcro on the back to stick to the panels - but maybe there is another solution.  Any advice would be welcome.  Thanks!



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  • Ive tried it all. Laminted cards lasted awhile but then the heat would create a bubble. Then I went with plastic card holder the ones the id cards fit in. Well the heat made the vecro buttons fall off after awhile. Now Im back with just biz card size and hevy strock mounted on foam core, then velcor buttons. Works well so far should last awhile!

  • Pro Panels have the plastic clips with the velcro on the back

    • Thanks, Larry!

  • I have my sales tags printed on a nice cardstock and then laminated. I used to do the plastic holders but this looks better. It's a fairly economical solution that still works well.

    • Casey, do you stick velcro on the back of the laminated cards?  Thanks for the tip.

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