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Rumor is Howard Alan has sold his art show business. Confirm anyone????

Don't know if this is good or bad if it is true. Just trying to substantiate a rumor I heard this weekend.

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I wouldn't know what to think, I'm surrounded by his events down here in south florida.  Makes me think I should avoid his shows.  A bunch of his shows are in perfect spots for me and was planning on entering them.
Well I wouldn't let an unsubstantiated rumor keep me from applying. He is the show king in so. fla.   He advertises well and gets the crowds.  His quality has improved over the past few years also.  Even if someone else took over, the rep of his shows would carry over for atleast a year.
It would be great to have someone to offer respect to artists take over those venues.  I don't care about doughnuts and coffee, but it's tough to look professional (or clean) with 6:00 am Saturday setup.  An inch or two extra on the side wouldn't hurt, either. 
A few years ago there were major rumors about Sugarloaf being sold. That never happened.

Larry Berman

I seriously doubt this. I speak with him several times a year and I never hear anything from him except his plans for the future and strategies for making his shows work better for everyone.

I have to agree about those early morning setups, but think he is constrained by local ordinances about closing streets.

Let's put this baby to bed. Howard just called and wanted to know if I'd like to buy his business and I asked him if he wanted to buy mine. So we're at a stand off -- no one is going to buy us out. (just kidding here folks)

"I am not dead. I am not retiring," says Howard Alan.

He says he's never worked harder or had a better staff. He has someone specifically for social media, a full time publicist and a media buyer. This doesn't sound to me like someone who is selling his business, but rather someone who is committed to his work.

Here is another reason he gave for not being able to close the streets earlier. Many of his events are held in areas where there are lots of bars and restaurants that are busy places on Friday nights. Closing the streets would not endear him to those business owners.

Nuf said, thank you Connie


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