• Hi Cindi,  I am doing this show this year and am driving from IN!  I am then doing an event in Santa Fe and spending some time visiting my sister-in-law so making quite the trip out of the whole thing.  I know, I questioned the whole drive too but I know the area is nice.  I like the fact that it is indoors (because of the weather at this time of the year) and the show had good reviews.  The people at the chamber have been great so I am excited to add it too my schedule. 

  • We have done this show and did pretty well. Indoor location reduces any potential weather worries that can occur in NM. Well organized and nice quality art. Many West TX folks have vacation homes here or come up to escape the heat so show has good customer base. We travel about 400 miles to do the show (we are a little north of Tucson).... not sure I would travel a greater distance with gas costs what they are...

  • Cindi - haven't heard anything about this festival, however, I remember Debbie Roberts commenting on NM shows in general (noting that there weren't very many options in NM), you might search for her comments or send her a note.  Also, Katrina Lum is a jewelry artist who is from NM that I've seen on this site before.

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